2019 Winter February 14 Thursday

53 degrees this morning, 41% humidity, wind 22 mph.

The wind yesterday was high and it obviously continues this morning.  Even though the temperature is mild for this time of year, the wind really makes it seem cold and miserable.  

Supposed to reach 70 degrees today, which will be nice if the wind slows down!

Valentines Day today.  I like Valentines Day, it is somewhat of a fun day.

Took one of the cars in yesterday for “routine service”. Of course, a $44 oil change etc. suddenly gets more expensive with a change of brake fluid and cleaning the throttle, or something like that. 

I always hope they are telling me the truth, or at least a reasonable version, since I have no idea if the work is absolutely needed or not.  I always figure I would rather pay for preventative measures rather than end up broken down somewhere and paying emergency prices.  

That is one thing i learned in City Management, “emergency” prices went way up!  Usually it was smart to have someone on contract with a set price in the event of an absolute emergency.  Otherwise you never knew what you would end up paying or even if you could find someone to do the work.

It was a lot better to pay for prevention where possible than to end up paying emergency prices.

I had an especially vivid dream that it took me a while to realize was “only a dream” recently after I woke up, even thought the dream is rather wild.


Really wild dream.  We were in a big hotel at a resort area (but not staying there).  Some kind of Apple convention.

We wondered around visiting places.

I was in a room and came down a long corridor, , with wooden floors, ceilings and walls.  A the end there was a room with some sort of party going on.  

I left and the stairwell was like a giant back hoe bucket.  I sat in the bucket and looked down over a high  canyon.   

Than the backhoe backhoe bucket started down and went down fast, like a amusement park ride.

Then it started flying down the hotel corridors to all the meeting rooms etc.  

I would scream and yell as I went but the people didn’t seem to hear or see me although some would kind of pause and look around.

I realized (in my dream)  it was probably  virtual reality as I went.  It was quite an experience. 

First dream like this I can remember.

Didn’t recognize any of the people or where it’s location was.

I’m not always sure where these dreams come from or what they mean, but it is fun to think about what they mean!  

That’s it for now, Thursday, February 14, 2019.

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