2019 Winter February 16 Saturday

22 degrees this morning,, feels like 13 degrees, humidity 94%  

Forecasting cold weather and possible snow and ice.  Hopefully not, In any event, Winter  s starting to approach the end.  

Actually, in another week, the “calendar Winter” will be two-thirds over!  What is better is that,  while March can have bad weather, normally the weather is much better.  

Yesterday, Walk 33:26,  (Merged, 2 one mile walks, walk, exercise, walk) Pace was 21 seconds slower than my goal.  

I’ve about decided some of the basic exercises  are good and I will continue them, although not on a daily basis.  

I simply don’t have the time (and don’t want to take the time even if I had it) for endless stretching and pulling etc..  I really feel walking, swimming and biking, although with some exercises and weight lifting is adequate.  

This doesn’t mean I’m not going to to the exercises, it just means they are secondary to my exercise program.  I won’t go into detail (perhaps later) but I will continue some of the exercises I learned on a 2 or 3 x weekly basis.

Start of a 3 day weekend, the last 3 day weekend until Memorial Day.  I plan on enjoying it!  

Looking again at “weeding” items.  I recently read an article with strong support for using “digital storage” to take pictures of items you may treasure, but are really no longer needed.  

Apparently a popular book on “tidying up” recommended not using digital storage and the article was strongly supporting digital storage.

I read the book, but wasn’t all that impressed or found it very valuable.  Apparently many people hav found it useful, but I disagree with some of the main thoughts in the book.

The “digital storage” is one.  I have found it very valuable to take pictures of, for example t-shirts or hats, with the knowledge I really have no use for them, but the memories are important.  

I have taken photographs of items, but haven’t actually “weeded” too many items by giving them away or whatever.  

I was able to dispose of books etc., by knowing I could replace almost any of them overnight.  

However, the t-shirts and hats etc. are basically irreplaceable, so even if I take a picture  I can’t replace them later once I dispose of them.  Of course an alternative for t-shirts is to make a “quilt” of them, so even if I can’t wear them, I will still have them and they will be  useful in a sense. 

I realizeI simply won’t wear most of the t-shirts again, so it makes sense to take pictures and either dispose of them or make them into quilts!

That’s it for now, Saturday, February 16, 2019.

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