2019 Winter February 17 Sunday

30 degrees this morning (feels like 21), humidity 88%, wind, 10 mph

Cold continues with possible snow and ice in the next several days.  Exactly a year ago (the week of Presidents Day) there was two days of ice and snow that closed the schools etc.

The reason I remember that is we were away on a “warm weather vacation” so we missed all of it thank goodness!

Walk at fitness center Saturday , walk 25:12 minutes, swim 14 minutes, pace was 24 seconds slower than my goal.

As I have mentioned before, I am listening to the book “Leadership”, which details the leadership development of Presidents Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson.  

While luck played some role in the their ascent to the Presidency, a lot of it was hard work by them and being ready when they “lucky” break happened to occur. 

All of them had some significant challenges early on (either extreme poverty, serious illnesses etc.) that they overcame.  

The book switches between former Presidents at each stage of their life, which can be somewhat disorienting, I guess I am used to more linear presentations.

I think the format does point out how different, and yet how similar each of the former Presidents were.

Makes you sick to think of the petulant, pig-faced lying coward lunatic who is acting as president now.  Even worse are the congressional cowards who don’t stand up and stop the illegal and criminal actions and gross waste of tax dollars.

I want to yell “get a backbone” every time I see the congressional cowards sniveling agreement to the lying coward lunatic’s lies and blatant illegal and criminal actions. 

Signs of Spring are starting, with the first Auto Race today and Baseball Spring Training in about two weeks.  

In about three weeks, I should see the first Crocus (or what I call Crocus, the yellow flower), which means Spring has arrived, regardless of what the calendar says or what the weather is like!

Today, I actually saw some trees blooming, or at least budding, probably started during the 70 degree weather last week and are  probably now frozen for the year!

That’s it for now Sunday, February 17, 2019.

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