2019 Winter February 18 Monday

23 degrees this morning, (feels like 12 degrees)  humidity 70%  11 mph wind.

Cold weather continues, generally about 20 degrees below “normal”, forecasting ice and/snow tomorrow.

Last day of a three  day holiday, which is always nice! 

Yesterday, bicycled about 30 minutes  and swam about 14 minutes. 

Reading a book by a local author, Tim Washburn, “the Day after Oblivion”.  It hasn’t grabbed me at the first page the way his first book did (“Powerless”) did, but I am getting involved in it now.  

In Powerless, the United States and most of the world lost most of their electricity due to sunspots etc.  Of course, without electricity, civilization quickly disappears, which some exceptions, as people start looking out for themselves.

As I have noted, we are very dependent on electricity, almost to the point of being scary, so I felt the book was realistic in a sense, and emphasized our dependence on electricity and the dangers of such dependence.  

It actually started me thinking about alternative means of electricity, including “off the grid” buildings that utilize advanced battery storage, low power consumption and development of single dwelling solar etc. to generate electricity and store it.  

The Day after Oblivion, continues in basically the same spirit, in that a nuclear war wipes out civilization as we know it, including electric power facilities.  

Disruption of electricity would mean basically no heat, no cooling, no internet, severe disruption to our delivery services  etc. followed by lack of food etc. 

As happens in the novels, I am sure society would soon degenerate into a mad search for food etc.  

Or, who knows, it could be people would continue to band together to provide for safety and food for all, instead of going out “all for one”.  

I like to think that is what would happen.  Realistically, it is the only way people could survive after such a disaster or a long term electricity outage, but it doesn’t mean that would happen.

Anyway, it is an interesting book and makes me think, which is what I like, especially in a novel. Not that I don’t also enjoy a purely escapist novel!

After trying the electric razor for several  weeks, I had kind of resigned myself to the “usual system” (the old blade razor).  However, I have come up with a compromise I like, I use the “old blade razor”  when I shower at home (instead of the fitness club), on weekends etc., and on many other days.

On days when I have a meeting etc. or after several days of the elector razor, I will use the “old blade razor”.  I have always heard it isn’t good to switch back and forth, but  If it works, it works!  So far it has been working!

That’s it for now, Monday, February 18,  2019

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