2019 Winter February 19 Tuesday

30 degrees this morning, feels like 21 degrees, humidity 68%

Very cold weather, ice and snow moving in today and tomorrow.  We had the same weather almost a year ago.

Not very likely this time the forecast may change, it looks like it is coming.  

Walk yesterday was at the fitness center:

-Walk 34:56 minutes, pace 19 seconds slower than goal.  Walk was in two stage with exercises in between.  Normally I do exercises like the rowing machine and other arm and leg Machines.  

I’m still not sure how valuable they are, I almost think walking, swimming and bicycling meet  my exercise needs, along with setups and some minor weight lifting.  

It is a strange feeling knowing a day or two in advance that bad weather is coming.  Schools have already closed today (Tuesday) even last night based on the forecast.  I have a feeling this is one forecast that will probably be correct.  

Netflix messed up and somehow my place in “Orange is the New Black” was deleted and it started from the beginning.  That isn’t too bad, except that Netflix, unlike Amazon Prime, apparently has no way of going to a specific season!

I would cancel Netflix, except that it is already free (part of my cell phone plan).

I have to admit, even in the 2nd season, “Orange is the New Black” was struggling for story lines.  

After watching “Downton Abby”, Sopranos, and The Wire, that show was kind of a comedown anyway, after the novelty wore off, which was about half-way through the 2nd season.  At that point, I was thinking about quitting watching anyway, but inertia kind of took over.

I started watching the moving “Gotti”, but that got boring and predictable, so I started watching a  series called “Blacklist” which is kind of unbelievable, but it is keeping my interest.  Kind of like the old show “Mission Impossible” that I think I watched in college.

I only watch Netflix or Amazon Prime during lunch breaks and at Starbucks coffee breaks.   

I’m not quite sure why I started doing that, but I did.  Normally I would read during such breaks etc., or play with the computer, browse the internet.  

I guess I started watching Downton Abby because I felt I had missed some the first time I watched it.  

Why I started watching the Sopranos  or The Wire, I’ll never know, since I had no interest while they were on tv.  I’m glad I did though.  

While I realize it is pure fiction (even if loosely based on facts), I am amazed at how I started to believe the worlds of Downton Abbey, The Sopranos and especially The Wire (other than the language, which I felt detracted from the show rather than making it more “real”).   I never really bought into the world of “Oranger is the new Black”.  The flashbacks were especially detracting and confusing, at least to me.  

I still don’t watch any “live” tv series and actually have no interest in doing so.  Maybe after I retire!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, February 19, 2019 as we wait for the snow and ice.

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