2019 Winter February 20 Wednesday

31 degrees this morning, humidity 97%

No exercise this morning, swim about 20 minutes yesterday.  

At least in this area, the expected snow and ice did not happen, thank goodness. There was a light rain that never really turned to ice and then a light snow.  

In spite of the forecasts, the roads never got bad, which is ok with me!  

I would much rather the weather forecasters forecast the worst and be thankful if hey are wrong, than try to fudge and be surprised with snow and ice!  

Wide range of events yesterday emphasized life if full of surprises!  I won’t go into it here, but fortunately it appears everything appears to be ok.  

Giving a speech about the impact of “digital assistants”, such as the Amazon Echo and the Google Assistant.  I really think they will have a huge impact on society and our personal and business lives as they develop.  

What is amazing to me is the relatively inexpensive cost of the devices in relation to their capacity.  

Considering that  they are still relatively crude devices (even considering what they can do),  there is a lot of potential).

I keep waiting for Apple Computer to seriously enter the digital assistant market to compete with the Amazon Echo and the Google Mini, hopefully they can redefine and advance the concept of the digital assistant. 

Of course, Apple Computer hasn’t shown a lot of innovation lately and the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant have a huge advantage in already installed devices and would be hard to convince people to replace.  

One problem with the Amazon Echo and the Google Assistant is their continual attempt to sell.  While I assume that underwrites the cost of the item it is still annoying and detracts from the device.  

I recently had an experience with Amazon that was rater eye-opening.  We use “Joy” detergent for some items (washing our eye glasses etc.) and we suddenly have been unable to find it in grocery stores.

So of course, we ordered i from Amazon.  There was a wide  variety in prices, but since it is basically a commodity, we ordered the cheapest.

The cheapest was $19.98 or so from Amazon with no shipping cost.  Several days later (much later than the “guaranteed” two days), we get a box from WALMART with an invoice/receipt for $10 plus $6.00 shipping!  No sign of Amazon at all.  

I checked my order, and, sure enough, Amazon had charged me $19.98 (plus tax) and obviously pocketed the extra $4.00, a very princely profit!  

In the future, I will always double check with Walmart!  While a relatively small sum, it all adds up!

That’s it for now,  Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

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