2019 Winter February 21 Thursday

34 degrees this morning, feels like 27, humidity 86%

Weather continues cold with the temperature “below normal”.  Hopefully will get into the 50’s today..

At least it is another day towards Spring, with the first day of Spring about 27 days away.

Recently spent some time at the hospital, (visiting, not for myself).  The hospital somehow develops it’s own feeling of “normal”, even though it is an abnormal situation for the patients and visitors.  It becomes kind of an alternate normal.  

“Normal” is subject to it’s own definition!  “Normal” life etc. may not be that normal, but it is certainly always subject to disruptive and sudden change, not always good or bad.  

Some of this also may come from reading the book “The Day after Oblivion” when the world permanently changes and the “normal” is no longer available.  

I have gradually gotten involved in the book to the point now I read it at various times throughout the day.  

It involves “life” after a nuclear war, which seems all to likely with the current lying coward lunatic and his band of cowards where incompetence, bootlicking and punishment for disagreeing with the lying coward lunatic are the norm!  

Last night, I saw a brief news piece where someone was noting that the lying coward lunatic and his bootlicking cowards were “depending on his base to be stupid”.  The person talking felt like the lying coward lunatic was making the wrong assumption.  

I’m not really sure what to think about that.  I really don’t understand how anyone can support a known and proven liar, to start with.  The lying coward lunatic lies about everything and is incapable of knowing the truth. Somehow, he finds bootlickers who encourage his lying as his advisers and staff.

The bottom line is, how do you trust a liar who will even lie about proven facts?  Not to mention who shows poor judgement in hiring people, who appears to hire people based only how much they bootlick him and don’t disagree.  

He is an embarrassment to all of the great (and not so great) Presidents who have served as President.  Of course, at least the argument of the worst, most ineffective and incompetent  President ever is settled, probably and hopefully forever!  

Today will be my fist full day of work this week, an unusual week to say the least.  As I mentioned, unusual situations develop their own alternate reality when the abnormal becomes the normal.  

Recently I had what is becoming the “normal” experience of getting a phone call about participating in the Nielsen radio ratings, similar to the Nielsen tv ratings, where you get a weekly booklet etc.  

Of course as soon as they heard my age, I kind of heard a “dong” ring.  While of course the representative calling didn’t say anything and said the booklet would be coming, i got a card saying that they had decided not to include me.  

Obviously they didn’t say it was because of my age, but it was obvious.  Obviously they don’t care about getting a true picture of their listeners, all they care about is trying to show advertisers whatever their target age group is that they are listening so they can charge artificial high rates. Whatever, the world of smoke and mirrors continues.

That’s it for now, Thursday, January 21, 2019.

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