2019 Winter February 22 Friday

41 degrees this morning, 89% humidity 

Sunny yesterday, which helped in spite of the cold weather.  At least Spring is less than 30 days away, at least on the calendar.

Read about the Coast Guard officer  who threatened a lot of the lying coward lunatic’s “enemies” and how the lying coward lunatics vicious lying threats on his “tweets” and how the lunatic is encouraging violence and attacks on his “enemies”.  

This lying coward lunatic is destroying the country and the congressional cowards sit their just continuing their bootlicking sniveling cowardly behavior. I find it hard to believe they can live with themselves. 

The lying coward lunatic has obviously lost complete sense of reality in his desperate attempts to pander to the lowest level of behavior to get the approval he craves before anything else. 

The fact the lying coward lunatic has said nothing about the plot to kill his “enemies” says a lot. 

Working on a speech about “digital assistants” (Amazon Echo and Google Assistant).  They are really amazing device for the money. 

The current devices are just the beginning and have a lot of potential.  I can see a lot of uses for them as they develop.  

I expect at some point the “Smart Phone” is an phenomenal, at some point it will be replaced or supplemented by even a better and more useful device.  Probably something no one has even thought of yet.  

Reading about the decline of printed newspapers and how “Hedge funds/Private Equity funds” are destroying the printed newspapers by only looking at how much money they can rip off by selling off their assets etc. and lowering the quality of the newspapers. 

Of course, the artificially low interest rates and slanted tax laws encourage this behavior.

I have seen the results of this locally as the only goal is to make money, not produce a good product. 

I think that is a problem with the “short term” thinking of businesses who maximize short term profits at the expense of the long term.  

Actually, i was thinking, everything I have written here today is something that realistically I can’t do anything about (except state my views), so I need to concentrate my time and efforts on things I an do something about!  

That’s it for now, Friday, February 22, 2019.

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