2019 Winter February 23 Saturday

45 degrees this morning, 100% humidity 

Light rain since yesterday afternoon, hard at times.  Thank goodness it is not snow or ice!  

“1984” may well be here.  Camera’s everywhere, ability to track people (especially if they have chip implanted in them etc.)

Obviously it’s not all bad, the cameras etc. solve a lot of crimes, and can probably even act as a crime preventive, assuming criminals realize the cameras are there. 

Also, cameras and GPS etc. can even prove someone didn’t prove a crime. 

However, something I read got me thinking that if someone was really serious about tracking me, (which I doubt), through credit card transactions, “pike pass” etc, and especially by cell phone or even computer records (with a GPS on the phone or computer) it would be simple.

I think the problem is that it “could” be misused, especially considering some of the policies and human rights violations by some the government and business “leaders’.  

One still weak link in technology continues to be “batteries”.  I say that because I forgot to plug my laptop in last night and the battery may not last until i get this done!  

Batteries in computers, phones, cars, etc. are really a weak link in our daily lives, much as our dependence on electricity, transportation etc. is always lurking as a potential problem.  

I really don’t know how all electric cars will ever really develop without a system of battery chargers that are available and relatively inexpensive.  The hybrid cars, or at least a car with a small backup engine makes sense, but to me an all-electric car (unless you just planned to use it locally) isn’t feasible yet.  

The majority of the time, a vehicle is used within the range of an electric car, so it does make sense for local use.

I read where the lying coward lunatic is spending  lots of money and time  and making a lot of his presidential actions (what few he makes) with the goal of getting the Nobel Peace Prize.  

Typical fo the lying coward lunatic  that he craves recognition so much he will do anything to get it including being a traitor.    

To me, the Nobel Peace Prize is something you get as a by-product of something else you do, not a  goal in itself.  I can’t believe a lying, coward, racist, perverted lunatic would ever get it.

What the problem is, who knows what kind of “deal” the lying coward lunatic will make if he thinks it will get him some sort of recognition. 

The vicious, lying tweets he makes are unbelievable, showing a really twisted criminal mind.  

I no longer read the lunatic’s tweets.  I don’t have time and I don’t know how someone can be a Presidnet and have the time to send out vicious tweets, watch all kinds of  junk tv and lay around all day eating junk food.   

Of course, the simple answer is, they can’t  

Of course, with his twisted lying lunatic mind and the congressional cowards, it is good when they don’t take any action. 

That’s it for now, Saturday, February 23, 2019.


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