2019 Winter February 24 Sunday

29 degrees this morning (feels like 22), humidity 73%.

Walk yesterday is an estimated 36.03 minutes.  I hit the wrong button on my watch and had to restart, so that is an estimate. 

I hit my  arm and scraped it, so I couldn’t swim with an “open wound”.  Hopefully I can swim today, probably will  be a day or two more.  

This has been a cold Winter, somehow I don’t remember the continuous cold, it seems like there were more “warm breaks” in past Winters.  Of course, maybe every Winter seems like that.

At least February is almost over, only 5 more days (including today).  

While it doesn’t really mean anything, I don’t really expect March 1 to suddenly be warm, but at last it will be a sign that warm weather is coming!  

Kind of like crossing a State (or even Country) line, the change isn’t immediately notable, but the change is coming.  

High wind yesterday, it made even 62 degrees seem cool!  Of course, now it has cooled down to 29 degrees, although the wind had diminished also.  

When someone is in the hospital, it is just like another world is created.  Your normal world is suspended (even if I am not the one in the hospital) as you wait.  i don’t mean the world stops, it is just one part, the “normal” part, is suspended and another, alternate reality, takes it’s place.  

i hadn’t eaten at McDonalds for a long time.  I ate breakfast there yesterday and enjoyed the “sausage burrito” and the McDonalds coffee.

While I don’t necessarily eat there a lot, Mc Donalds has one of the best cups of coffee on the market.   It is a different coffee than Starbucks, but is equally as good.  

I especially appreciate that McDonalds will almost always “make a fresh pot of coffee” if you ask for “fresh” coffee if it is later in the day.  

One thing that really irritates me is to go to a restaurant later in the day and they either have “old” coffee, or use a “thermos” that makes the coffee taste just warmish and old.  It just doesn’t work.

I have basically quit ordering coffee after breakfast, unless it is McDonalds or  Starbucks, 

I just can’t stand the coolish/old coffee most restaurants  dish out and call it “coffee”.   When a restaurant charges $3.00 for a cup of coffee, it seems they could make sure it was fresh and hot! 

I don’t drink near as much coffee as I used too, primarily because it is hard to get a good cup of coffee.  Of course, the Keurig helps, although I have found most Keurig’s don’t really make a truly “hot” cup of coffee.  

I have one at home now, I miss the old coffee pot and sitting around and drinking ten cups of coffee before I went to work.  Now I normally drink one big cup on weekdays, and then gulp as much as possible if we do out to breakfast on weekends!

Times change.

That’s it for now, Sunday, February 24, 2019.

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