2019 Winter February 25 Monday

34 degrees this morning, feels like 26 degrees, humidity 58%.

Exercise yesterday was bicycling, couldn’t swim due to open sore (I had bumped into a piece of equipment that skinned my skin.  I don’t know i not swimming with an open wound if protection for me, for other swimmers or both!  

Not going to exercise this morning.  I developed a cough, although it isn’t real bad.  I just don’t want it to get any worse!  I hope it is merely an allergy from the high winds. 

I have found the wind is a major  culprit in my allergies, when when starts blowing, I start blowing!

Still cold yesterday in spite of moving up to 56 degrees or so.  Some days you just can’t win!

Finished my  taxes.   Comparing the two years,  the “tax cut” was actually a real tax increase for us.  I haven’t seen any price cuts resulting form the huge tax cut (and resulting huge national debt increase) for businesses.  

I understand the employees haven’t seen the salary and wage increases that the supporters were promising.  

Instead I saw a lot of “buybacks” generally benefiting mostly the executives who were able to artificially increase their stock price by buybacks and then sell their options and stocks at a profit.  Their political “contributions” paid huge dividends for them1

Walked out of the fitness center and noticed a small dent in the car.  It fortunately did not affect any of the doors or anything, but it is big enough I’m sure they knew they hit someone and took off.  

It was one of those dents that could have happened in the last couple of weeks and i just noticed it or it could have happened yesterday morning, although the car wasn’t near any other cars.  

It is always debatable whether to fix a small dent in the car.  I hate to have the car start to look ratty, but on the other hand, some years ago we had a very small stretch in a fender (not a dent). 

The estimate to fix it was $700, so we just blew it off.  When we traded the car, they didn’t take off one penny for the scratch, so we weren’t out anything.

I wonder how people feel who hit someone and then take off.  I feel that their “karma” will be affected, and they will probably be worse off from the incident than I am, or if they had stopped to make a note of it.  

In any event, that isn’t my decision what happens to them, I just need to deal with the dent in the car.  

My inclination right now is to do nothing, but I don’t want the car to become a bunch of dents and scratches etc.!

That’s it for now, Monday, February 25, 2019.

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