2019 Winter February 26 Tuesday

42 degrees this morning, feels like 37, humidity 73%  Cough, no exercise this morning. 

Life is normal until it isn’t normal.  You get into a groove of daily living and then suddenly something occurs that disrupts it either on e temporary or permanent basis.

Disruptions can be anything, positive or negative, including illness, change of jobs, family patterns etc.  

Just a thought that I need to remember.

I am surprised at the items pushed as “news” by the news media.  I really could care less about the Oscars, who won what they wore etc.  Also the hyped “news” of actors, sports people etc.  

Also, include in that the vicious lying tweets by the lying coward lunatic  Why is that news?

Anyway, thank goodness for being able to speed through them and on printed media, ignore them. 

I assume someone likes it or they wouldn’t spend some time and money hyping it, which is ok if that is what people want.  I hate to see a “news” show carry such fluff, let the other channels and talk shows push it.  

The newspaper delivery is really odd.  I didn’t get any newspapers Sunday, than the delivery on Monday and Tuesday was reasonably early.  

Finished “The Day After Oblivion”.  It was really an excellent book and kept my attention throughout the entire book.  Kind of hard to make a book about the time after a nuclear  war disaster positive, but he managed to make it somewhat positive.  

Of course, no one really knows what would happen in such a case, and I would hate to speculate about it ever happening. 

I think people are basically resourceful, but also the lack of rules and law and the need to find food and shelter etc. would be a chaotic time.  

When you think of no fresh water, no electricity, no gas, probably no cars etc., I really don’t know what people would do.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

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