2019 Winter February 27 Wednesday

28 degrees this morning, feels like 19 degrees, humidity 95%

Yesterday it started relatively mild, then it turned into a  bitter cold with wind.  Probably didn’t help my health any.

I cough some kind of bug, I just come home and sleep and have the weirdest dreams.  I also am not eating much, which at least helps my diet!

I had forgotten how being sick feels when you just go off into some never-never land and lose track of time.  

Hopefully it won’t last long.

it is a strange feeling, i really don;’t feel “sick”, I just feel like I’m in a different world.  Or maybe I do feel sick.

I”m going to make this a short post today, I need to go ahead and get some more sleep.

I may add more later on today.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, February 27, 2019

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