2019 Winter March 1 Friday

26 degrees this morning, humidity 90%.  Still “under the weather”.  

Probably will be a while before I get back to exercising, although I will as soon as possible.  

Feeling a little better, although last night the wild dreams returned.  Many of them are very complicated dreams involving work projects, or rather that could be work projects.    None of them are that complicated.  I don’t remember them at all in any detail, I just remember the general theme.

One dream I had that I do remember is dreaming someone put a note on the “inside” of our door lock.  That was so real, I actually got up and looked!  (No note of course).

I’m not eating a lot.  I don’t have any stomach problems and I want to keep it that way by not eating a lot.  

Probably this is the longest I have gone without coffee for a long time (probably since the last time I was sick!).  

The cold has gotten to that point it is in my bones, it is a bitter cold. The forecast is for ice and snow this weekend, which doesn’t make me feel any better!  

At least it is March 1, and Spring is at least a possibility! 

I am still amazed at all the e-mails I get, 99% junk.  I am thinking of changing my primary e-mail and not giving it out to anyone other than people I want to hear from!  I am really concerned I am missing e-mails I want to see in the overall junk e-mails. 

Most of them are actually from “legitimate” companies, but why send me 5 e-mails a day?  After a while I automatically delete them or at least ignore them. I really feel it is just laziness on their part and failure to consider the customer.  

That is one thing I hate about “Sales Force” and companies like that.  At the best, their goal to harass you into buying other products (they call it “cross-selling) by using information the company “requires”, which appears to an invasion of privacy.

That is one of the reasons i have so many e-mails, somehow companies feel if they bludgeon you with e-mails, you will buy from them.  Surprise, it just doesn’t work. 

That probably describes only small portion of programs like that.  What I really hate is to call (for example) to activate a replacement credit card and then get a sales pitch for their insurance or something!

Actually, I think that has pretty much stopped, so maybe they are getting the message!

Disappointed I’m not feeling better after I started feeling better last night, but today is another day and I’ll only feel better.  

That’s it for now, Friday, March 1, 2019.

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