2019 Winter March 2 Saturday

29 degrees this morning, 90% humidity.  No exercise, still sick.

March 2 is 4 years and 9 months since we moved here, 4 years and seven months in my present job.  Time passes!  

The “long tail” of whatever I have is amazing, it just keeps hanging on.  I start feeling better and than I am reminded I’m not back to “normal” yet!  

Started feeling better yesterday, although I still felt “strange” and then felt tired last night, with the weird dreams.  

I try to stay in bed even though I’m not sleepy, figuring that may help me recover. I already drink plenty of fluids, so that isn’t a problem.  

At least the weekend is here, I can get some things done and then rest.

I am feeling a lot better, just not 100%

Snow forecast now for Sunday morning.  Probably not a lot, but freezing rain covered by snow.

Maybe this is Winter’s “last gasp” before Spring!  I certainly hope so!  

I was reading about a town in Texas where an “oil shale” boom has created a job market where a barber can make $180,000 per year.  The haircuts cost $40 and there is a line, so anyone willing to pay $60 can break in the line!

Of course they have the normal “boom” problems with housing, restaurants etc. The story mentioned that one BBQ restaurant, the line is long when they open at 11 am. and they sell out fast because many order 10 or more dinners at a time and take them back to the field.  (Some are flown to some areas).  

I actually worked for a city in a “boom” my first “real” City job.  It was oil and gas related, and also related to meatpacking.  It was quite a scene, but not quite like the city in Texas.  

Another interesting story about a very advanced “fact checking bot”.  The idea is the “bot”  (it even had a name) is introduced into “chat” groups and it checks facts on the comments and comments with corrections and clarifications.  

The comments and clarifications are made as part of the normal chat process.  For example, one comment about a medical claim was “the medical person cited does not have the qualifications to make a medical judgement on that”.  

And in the case of outright lies, it would document the reason it was a lie.

I think the true story is the fact the bot was universally hated and the person who introduced the bot to the group was frequently criticized for bring it into the group and even expelled from the group!!  

People like their opinions!

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 2, 2109. 

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