2019 Winter March 3 Sunday

24 degrees this morning (feels like 11), humidity 86%, wind 17 mph.

Appears to be a light snow on the ground, not nearly as much as forecast, which is good!  The forecast is for a wide area and I expect somewhere in the area the forecast was correct. 

These long relentless cold periods are why I like to get out on a “warm get-away” in February, it provides just the break needed to get through to the Spring.  

Feeling much better, still not at 100% and still occasional fits of coughing.  Whatever I had has a very “long tail” and just seems to hang on.  

The state I live in just passed a law “any fool can carry a gun” law, passed by a bunch of the usual legislatures who can’t wait to bully everyone and signed immediately by the “Governor who ran on the basis he didn’t know how to govern and is proving it”.  

I call it the “criminal carry” law, since it will encourage  criminals to “open carry”, no permit or training required etc.  

The other day I was driving in an area where, due to the environment, I am very aware of my surroundings.  I though I saw a man with a gun, and it just really hit me that starting in November, I can’t even call a Police Officer about that.  

I think the legislators and governor were rolling around in all the donations they received and lost all their sense. 

A really stupid inane comment by either a state senator or state representative was “the best defense against a criminal with a gun is a gun”.  Sure, a bunch of untrained people like me carrying M-16’s to protect ourselves!  

Who is going to pay for all of these guns, the State?  

Hopefully something will work out, but the idea that someone like me has to buy a gun now to protect myself against criminals is insane.  They have literally lost their minds in their pandering to the LCD, their donors and lobbyists. 

I have nothing against people owning guns, but this means at any time I can get held up by a criminal who is legally “open carrying” a gun and I can’t do a thing about it until I am robbed or murdered or whatever.  

The Governor showed his ignorance by appointing someone to the Board of Regents from out of state than saying “a major reason he was appointed was because he would pay his own travel costs to attend the meetings”!!!!!

I can’t believe he wasn’t laughed out of the state!  A MAJOR REASON was he would pay his own travel costs?  Since when has that become a criteria for the Board of Regents (which governs all of the higher education).  Either he is qualified or not!  Does he mean to say only rich people will be appointed to the Board of Regents?

Maybe the State will buy him a gun to protect himself while he is in this state attending meetings.

That’s it for now, Sunday, March 3, 2019.

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