2019 Winter March 4 Monday

11 degrees this morning, feels like -4 degrees.  Humidity 60%, wind 12 mph  

Bitter cold yesterday, even worse this morning.  It’s not supposed to snow or ice this morning, but something is coming down!  The weather app shows a pink cloud, which normally means freezing rain.

Start of work week, planned to make this a “field day”, we’ll have to see!

Feeling much better, not quite ready to start exercising again, although this morning I wouldn’t be exercising anyway in this weather.  

The newspapers actually came yesterday morning. I was able to read them once I had the courage to go out on the ice and pick them up, 

Watching the worst president ever molest the flag and be cheered for it by whatever you call people who support stuff like that. I really wonder about his “supporters” who were present at that meet.

I know my parents would not call them “Republicans”  or “Conservatives”.  They would call them the perverted, Jim Jones type followers they are who are basically cult followers who have lost their sense of perspective and their minds.  

The lying coward lunatic is obviously running scared, hopefully he will soon be perk-walked from the white house for his criminal perverted crimes.  

How this lying criminal can have any supporters is beyond me.  Spent millions going on a staged show that made a petty, murdering dictator a “big” person in the world’s eyes.  

The lying coward lunatic knew it was going to be a failure before he even wasted all that money and time and then came back and tried to blame his failure on the Democrats.  What a lying pervert.  

That is a major sign of mental illness, being unable to accept that you are responsible for failure and always blaming someone else for your failures.  And he has a lot of them.  

Strange that no one mentioned his abuse/misuse of the flag. 

Not quite sure what was going on Friday, but I had a number of vehicles take extremely irrational actions during the day.  May have been the cold weather, may have been the end of the month.  

Or, more likely, it was just the way it is on Friday.  I usually have an “office day” on Friday, so maybe it was just the way it always is on Friday, or maybe every day!  

For some reason, every Friday in this City, traffic seems to go a little nuts.  I had two vehicles make a left turn that made me break hard and enter the road, making me break hard, and then traveled about 15 mph in a 45 mph street!  

When you start adding “criminal carry” of guns into the mix, it may be better to stay home on Friday around here.  

At least the weather forecast is for generally “warmer” weather after today.  I am certainly very tired of this weather.

Probably will be a little better after I can start exercising again.  

Looking forward to warmer weather, and will dress warm to survive today!

That’s it for now, Monday, March 4, 2019

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