2019 Winter March 6 Wednesday

22 degrees this morning (feels like 11 degrees), humidity 59%  

No walk or exercise this morning, still lingering effects of flu, (or whatever).  I feel a lot better and basically feel ok except I get tired and still sleep a lot.  

I still have a lot of weird dreams, although I think last night was a little better than the night before.  The night before I had a lot of weird dreams about work, which really doesn’t make any sense.  

Not worried yet, I just want to stay healthy, but I expect to start exercising soon, hopefully tomorrow, hopefully by this weekend.  

Cold weather just keeps hanging in there.  Even though the sun was out yesterday and it looked nice, it was still a shock when you walked outside. 

As Spring approaches, I think the old optimism returns.  Nothing makes you feel more positive about life than Spring!  

Already Wednesday of the work week.  Monday, it looks like a long stretch to Friday, and suddenly Friday is here.  Kind of like the year, waiting for Spring and Summer, and suddenly it is Fall and Summer is gone!

Watching an interview (on “Mad Money) of a surgical instruments maker.  While I have no interest in investing in them, it is fascinating to learn about the new advancements.  

They all emphasize their minimally invasive surgical procedures, mainly what all they can do by going through  the throat etc.  The emphasize the “total environment” of their equipment and procedures.  

It is amazing how surgical/medical procedures have advanced, although some of the more barbaric procedures (such as the IV) still prevail and I don’t know if they will ever get rid of that.  Even that has improved a lot, although it is hard to say what actually is an improvement!

Looking back, the improvement in a lot of items we use have had tremendous advances, many we don’t notice because the improvements have been gradual.  Certainly tv, computers, internet speed, smart phones, etc. have all really improved.  

I have never figured out why the basic commode has never improved.  It is basically the same design as when I was a child.  I’m thinking about the innards of the design and operation, not heated seats!  

I remember when I used to have a lot of trouble with the innards, I thought they would someone redesign them electronically.  Other than the “automatic flush”, they haven’t really improved!  

Another cold day today, hopefully the warm weather will break out soon.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, March 6, 2019.  

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