2019 Winter March 8 Friday

47 degrees this morning, humidity 83%

Perhaps Spring weather is almost here!  Unfortunately it is supposed to be cloudy all day (with rain tonight), so we’ll see.  

The continual cold weather was really getting tiresome!  

Planning on starting exercise later this morning, see how I feel.  Have a Field Day today, so I’m debating starting my exercise program this morning that than on the weekend or when I have an office day..  The warmer weather helps, even if I exercise inside.  

Friday!  As always, Monday seemed like a long stretch, but the week went fast.  Even when I enjoy my job, it is good to have the weekend here!  

Happened to read the entire article on the thrift stores and the current fad on organization and getting rid of stuff that doesn’t give you “joy”.

The reason it is causing thrift stores “sorrow” is that they are getting so much junk that they can’t re-sell or even is considered toxic waste that cost them money to get rid of.  Many have suspended donations since they can’t process all of the donations and especially the junk they get.  

I guess the program was on tv and it heated up the “joy of throwing away’ again.  

Several years ago (well about 40 years ago), I knew a person who was an Officer in an organization that operated thrift stores.  He told me 90% of the donations they received were junk and was bundled and sold as rags or thrown away. 

Some things never change.  I think part of the problem is the thrift stores don’t always do a good job of educating people about what to donate and what to throw away.  Perhaps that isn’t there job also, people should use common sense.

While I don’t really go to garage sales, I know people try to sell stuff I think of as junk.  Of course you don’t have to buy it either.  

Actually, I remember when I was in grade school, one of my first attempts at making money (successfully) was selling rags to a person who bought rags.  I think I made .50 my first time and actually ended up with several dollars.  I thought I was rich.  

I probably was rich in the overall perspective of my life at that time, when I found a dime once and always returned to look again at the site!  

As I may have mentioned before, I had a friend who got .50 a week, and I thought that he was rich!  

I read once about how old clothes etc. are returned to (frequently the country where they were made) and where they are recycled.  Many clothes are returned and merely cleaned etc. while others are torn apart for the buttons, zippers and rags.  They waste almost nothing of the used clothing.  

This is the time of year when I start watching for the first crocus, the first Robin, the first blooms of the Bradford Pears to shoot out their blooms and then freeze.  I used to think Bradford Pears were pretty until I read how invasive they are and how they are really a trash tree that actually prevents more quality trees from growing.  Perhaps it is good they tend to bloom early and then freeze, but I still have to thing they are pretty when they are blooming!  

Not everything that is pretty is useful!

That’s it for now, Friday, March 8, 2019.

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