2019 Winter March 9 Saturday

51 degrees this morning, humidity 93%, rain most of night

At least the temperature is  a little bit better, although now it is raining!  Better than snow!

Started exercising yesterday morning again (very carefully). 

Walk was 21:48 minutes, swim 13 minutes.  As I said, I am starting off slow and building back up.

Pace was 1’38 seconds off of my goal.  As I noted, I was taking it easy!

March 9 already.  Time is flying by again.  I guess that is better than “time dragging”, but I”m not sure. 

I am reminded again that I need to make the most of each day.  Wasting time isn’t necessarily bad, we all need a break, but I also want to experience each day, each hour, each second and not just let time go by and look back and wonder what happened.

I may look back and wonder what happened anyway, but at least I will know I tried to experience each moment!  

Time “springs forward” this weekend. The time change is kind of a marker for me.  I don’t like the “spring forward”  (I love the “fall back” and the extra hour) but I like the fact that Spring is almost here.

I have a “Book Calendar” that I got 30 years ago, in 1989.  It is a”perpetual calendar”, in that it is a calendar, but not marked by years, just the days and months.

Anyway, I have kept a record of each book I have read on the month and day block  I read it and I noted the year I read it.  

I may retire it this year, since many of the days are filling up with entries.  On the other hand, if I can keep using it, maybe I need to just keep it up.  I thought about retiring it after ten years and twenty years also.  

I like to look at it occasionally and see where my mind was, or at least the type of books I was reading.  There are definite trends, with some authors appearing over the thirty years.  

I almost never read “self-help” books anymore.  I think there is a certain time in your life when you read self-help books, at least there was in mine and other people I new.

I didn’t stray again from self help books because I was perfect, or didn’t need improvement, I think I stopped because I realized I wasn’t perfect and I didn’t need to worry about it!

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 9, 2019.

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