2019 Winter March 11 Monday

38 degrees this morning (feels like 33 degrees), humidity 95%.

Coolish weather back again, rain during night.  

Walk yesterday was 23:24 minutes with a 13:35 minute swim.  Still getting back into shape, pace was 1 minute and 26 seconds slower than my goal.

Good weekend, didn’t do much and that was basically the plan!

Read yesterday an article that suggested the United States could be entering an era similar to the China “cultural revolution” that included harassment of people for their belief’s etc.  

I think the biggest problem right now is the lying coward lunatic is completely out of touch with reality and getting worse, and the congressional cowards and his cowardly staff haven’t got the courage to stop him even though his lies are so blatant that there is no way anyone could believe his lies.  

His programs are destroying American businesses and violating the constitutional rights of a free press and free speech.  His tirades and vicious lining personal attacks on people and businesses are unbelievable. 

I really think it has reached the stage of a “Jim Jones” cult by people who are willing to believe a lying coward lunatic, who is a HIlter type of demagogue, who makes scapegoats of minority groups etc. for his own incompetence and loss of touch with reality, accompanied by the inaction of the congressional cowards.  

I certainly think the “fox propaganda  machine” has a lot to do with it also, spreading lies and false attacks.  

I read the other day how they encourage someone to make false accusations, so they can make a big story about them.  They don’t say it is correct, but they have a big story about it so they can spead the rumor.  

I don’t know that much since  I never watch them, I think it is an evil organization.   

Start of another “work week”.  It will be a lot better when the weather warms up and and the flowers and trees bloom.  

It has been a long winter, it seems like it has lasted forever, with very few breaks of warmish weather.  

It is fun to watch  baseball “Spring Training”.  Even though the games don’t “mean anything”. it is fun to watch the players we know and some of the emerging players we don’t know.  

That’s it for now, Monday, March 11, 2019.

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