2019 Winter March 12 Tuesday

52 degrees this morning, 91% humidity 

Fitness Center yesterday:

-Walk 20:12 minutes, swim 16 minutes.  35 seconds slower than goal. 

Walking, even inside, is still somewhat of a problem due to a coughing problem.  Hopefully just a little left over from the flu or whatever. 

Recently I ordered something from Staples. After about two weeks after the “guaranteed” delivery date, I was sent a replacement order since my order was “lost”. 

Of course, shortly after the replacement was sent, part of the order showed up so I had a duplicate order.  

Of course, this meant I had to shoulder the cost and inconvenience of sending it back.  I hadn’t realized the Staples store near us had closed which meant I had to take it to a store that was somewhat out of the way.

All because of their mistake!  

In all fairness, I could have printed out a label and had whomever delivered it (and lost it) pick it up, but my printer was on the whack at the time.  

Then, just last week, I ordered two items from Amazon.  One had a “guaranteed” delivery date of March 7.  March 7 arrived and disappeared, with an occasional e-mail apologizing for the order being late.

Anyway, this morning, I got an e-mail saying the item had been “lost” and I could either cancel the order, ask for a refund or ask for a replacement or “just wait and see if it arrives”.  

Hardly a professional way to handle such things!  It seems they would have automatically sent a replacement.  

The OTHER order was also about 3 days late, I kept getting an e-mail that it was “delayed” and would arrive “tomorrow’.  Tomorrow was finally March 10 about 3 days late.  I guess I should be happy it just arrived!

As I may have recently mentioned, our last order from Amazon was also late, and was sent in a Walmart box, with a Walmart invoice for about 25% less than I paid Amazon!  A healthy profit for Amazon (although the amount was only about $4.00.)

I think the retail stores still has a good chance if they hang in there!  The “delivery” economy just hasn’t been doing all that good!  “Guaranteed” delivery dates appear to be a joke and mean nothing.  

Of course all I get on the late delivery is excuses, with all of the work on my part.  This, for a $15 item.  Considering my 100% problem rate with delivery, the delivery system has some real problems!  

Office Day today, after two straight days “in the field”, I will be busy, on the phone and on e-mail etc.  following up!  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, March 12, 2019.

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