2019 Winter March 13 Wednesday

60 degrees this morning, humidity 96%.  Unfortunately there are also thunderstorms and winds of around 19 mph with worse predicted!  

As I always say, as least it isn’t snow and ice!

The rain is really coming down, I can hear it and that is unusual for this house. it is a very well-well-built house (a lot better than the “new” one we had before this).  I

don’t necessarily think, in fact I don’t think, that all “old houses are better built”, but this addition had good builders..  

I am well aware that trash houses are built in all ages, because there will always be builders who don’t care or are just incompetent.  However there are builders  who do care and there are a lot of quality homes being build now. 

Exercise yesterday at the fitness center was:

Walk:  23:32 minutes, with my pace 43 seconds slower than my goal.  I swim about 11 minutes because I was short of time.  

Probably won’t exercise this morning (other than at home, situps, dumbbells and bench press).  Not only due to the thunderstorms (the pool is probably closed), but I have (for me) a very early appointment.  

Back to houses, our problem is, when we do need something done on the house, it is so hard to find a quality repair person.  Not always impossible, but I wonder sometimes!  

I expect a quality “handyman” could probably make a fortune, since we don’t mind paying for quality work, but it is very hard to find quality repair persons.

We have looked at renting just due to the problems with getting someone to work on the house.  

We looked at “senior housing” and have been disappointed to note that developers and builders don’t seem to know how to build for “seniors”, with weird things like exercise areas upstairs with two flights of stairs (and no elevator) and showers with high “step in’s”.  

Much as I hate to say it, many of what we see are simply “warehouses”.  For some reason, they feel like senior citizens don’t need any space and just warehoused in tiny apartments or houses on tiny lots.  

Of course then there are the ones that require you to eat your meals there, which doesn’t make a lot of sense.  In one case, we figured it came to about $40 per meal!  I can order a restaurant meal for that, and a nice one!  

There are places that seem to try, but somehow they all seem to take shortcuts instead of providing a quality product.  

What is concerning to me is that Planning Commissions etc. allow “variances” for Senior Housing regarding space and all they are doing is allowing “senior housing” to be a money machine for developers building on overly dense lots and overly small units to the detriment  of the residents.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, March 13, 2019.

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