2019 Winter March 14 Thursday

45 degrees this morning (feels like 38).  Humidity 58%, wind 16 mph

No exercise yesterday (rain and schedule), no exercise today due to my schedule today.

Heavy rain yesterday morning, fortunately ended before I had to go out on my field day.         

At least the temperature got up to 72, although the wind kind of ruined it!  It seemed a lot cooler with the wind, plus it was just nasty.  Not as nasty as if it had been raining all day!  

I will always remember today as the day Aliene and I got “officially” engaged, those many years ago!  A good decision, I am a lucky man!  

Another comment on my Amazon experience where they “lost” my item.  Now, all of a sudden, I can’t even cancel it because they insist I return it, even though I never got it!  

I will have go to the effort of looking up whom to call or e-mail and then get a series of “what if” alternatives, which of course won’t include “you lost the shipment stupid, why don’t YOU cancel it!” alternative. 

I really don’t have a lot of faith in Amazon or any internet company being competent anymore to actually get a package to me in two days as they “guarantee”.  

Not only that, but there is no way for me to “share my experience” as Amazon blocks the “comment” item (as they did with their past screw-ups.

Anyway, I’ve decided I don’t have time to research Amazon to cover for their screw-up, I’ll just protest the charge on the credit card.  

I am really starting to wonder if the “delivery” economy is going to work or if it is falling apart under the pressure, considering my last four orders have been disasters, ending up costing me time and money for their screw-ups!

Another dream, I have had a bunch of wild dreams, but don’t remember them.  this is one I remembered.


Aliene and I were on a trip (I believe Tulsa, for some strange reason)

I was in a mall and tryin to get my iPhone problem straightened out.  I reached in may pocket and the iPhone had fallen apart, just all in pieces.

The lady helping me disappeared and I eventually left and went to the hotel room. (In my dream, the hotel was connected to the Mall.)

I couldn’t find my other phone and couldn’t contact Aliene sine I didn’t have a phone.  I tried to use the hotel phone, but it didn’t work.  

I tried various other ways to find my other phone, or call and make an appointment to have my phone put back together but I couldn’t seem to get through to anyone.

I noticed Aliene’s things are in the room so she had been there, but wasn’t sure where she was.

Dream was very real when I woke up. 

That’s it for now, Thursday, March 14, 2019

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