2019 Winter March 15 Friday

38 degrees this morning (feels like 29).  Humidity 61%, wind 13 mph

No walk yesterday, will walk later this morning. 

Still windy, very windy yesterday, which made it seem a lot cooler than the temperature indicated.  

First Day of Spring is only 5 days away at 9:58 p.m., March 20, 2019!  While I realize “Spring” is just a date on the calendar, it at least means warm weather is coming! 

I will not mind starting to write “Spring”, rather than “Winter”.  It has been a very long Winter, in more ways than one.  

Supposed to get warmer this weekend,, although today will be cool.

Somewhat of an end to the story about Amazon.  While I couldn’t find a way to “return” the item  since “lost delivery” was not an option, I went ahead and did a return request Using “late delivery” and wrote a comment that it wasn’t “late” delivery, it was because I never received the delivery!

They generously advised me I could “keep” the item I never received and would receive a refund anyway.  Odd to say the least, but at least I got my refund.  I assume it was more expensive for them to process the return rather than just make the refund.

Walmart told us once that if any food items are returned (even if in a can and unopened) they throw them away.  I’m not sure I believe that, but we were more careful about buying too much after that.  While we got our money back, it was a real waste to think of the food being thrown away.  They wouldn’t even give it to a food bank etc. due to the liability!  

I always thought I’d double check just to make sure they actually do throw away any food items, even canned items that are returned.  Probably it is on “google” someplace.

For some odd reason one of the the “openers” on the garage door quit working from the car.  It operates on the “wired” system.  I’m not sure if it is the car or the garage door opener.  

This is the type of expensive repair that seems to develop.  If I call out a garage door person, and it is the car, I am out a lot of money.  If it is the car, I don’t even know how they test for that.  

One approach I will probably do is try to get one of the garage door openers to work.  In the past it has been a problem, not just a new battery type of repair.  

One of those projects I don’t look forward too.  I am tempted to just call a garage door person and take the hit.  We do have the “insurance” we bought when we bought the house yet.  Although garage doors are technically covered, they seem to always find a way to always squirm our of paying for anything.

We aren’t planning on renewing the “insurance” (which is supposed to cover appliances etc., the garage doors, etc.).  It is basically just a ripoff.  Like the car “extended warranties”, they try to use inferior parts etc. 

Hoping the weather returns to a reasonably warm temperature soon!

That’s it for now,  Friday, March 15, 2019.

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