2019 Winter March 16 Saturday

2019 Winter March 16 Saturday

32 degrees this morning, 72 % humidity 

This winter weather just won’t give up!  At least it is mostly cold temperature and not snow and ice!  While we could have another ice or snow event, it is unlikely and the risk will soon be over.  

Exercise yesterday:

-Walk 23:10 minutes, pace was 46 seconds slower than my goal

-Swim:  16 minutes 

Being able to swim every day is wonderful.  Unlike the YMCA, the pool is available  at almost all times, and there aren’t any “swim clubs” that the YMCA rents the pool to make money for itself at the expense of the members.  

The fitness center is operated by the hospital and has an indoor track, as well as the pool and a wide variety of fitness equipment.  

I think walking on the pavement outside is probably better for my feet, since the indoor track is basically concrete, which is a lot more unforgiving to my legs and feet.  So far, so good, no problems, but also I have been walking less since I also swim and do other exercises.  

I do miss my outside walks, although I don’t miss walking in the real cold!  I will miss the warm/hot summer mornings, although I may be able to walk outside and swim to complete my exercise.  

Another sign of Spring/Summer is the first Formula 1 race of the year.  I’m not sure why I started liking Formula 1 over other forms of car racing, but I look forward to it  Part of it is the locations, part the racing and I also like the fact the races don’t last forever.  

I was rather taken aback when I learned each car costs around  $15,000,000.  It is is wrecked that is $15,000,000 down the tube.  I expect the $15,000,000 really includes the cost of development spread over each car etc.   but that is still a lot of money!  

It seems excessive for the purpose, but I don’t really have any say in it, so I’ll just enjoy it and not worry about it.

I looked at Google, and some of the costs are $8,000,000 for an engine, $50,000 for a steering wheel etc! 

The racing is very competitive, the difference in time between the top 20 cars (in qualifying) is about 2 seconds.  One little mistake and you start last instead of first!  A little like life sometimes.  

Even though I am glad to see Spring arrive, I am surprised at how fast the year is going.  Something I have said every year for the past few years I expect!

Neighborhood Alliance meeting this morning.  They hold them once a year, kind of a “community update” and this year will include the candidates for Mayor and Council.  Hopefully will be interesting and informative!

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 16, 2019.

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