2019 Winter March 18 Monday

42 degrees this morning..  Humidity 62%

Nicer weather yesterday, still cool.

Exercise at fitness center yesterday.

-Walk 22.42 minutes, pace was 47 seconds slower than goal

-Swim, about 14 minutes (forgot watch)

I wondered if it is harder (or easier) on my walking shoes to walk on an indoor track or an outdoor street.  It seems shoes would last longer on an indoor track, (since it is a smooth surface), but on the other hand I think walking on what is basically concrete could be harder on the padding etc.

Looked on Google and I didn’t really see a definite answer, although I did see a wide variety of ideas on when a pair of shoes should be “retired” from running or walking.

I was surprised by the number of comments who said they used a pair of shoes until their feet started hurting!  I try to retire my walking shoes (from walking)  well before my feet start hurting!  Waiting until your feet start hurting to retire a pair of walking shoes appears to be counterproductive!

I know years ago when I developed a bad case of  plantar fasciitis, I was wishing I had (literally) traded in my “dancing shoes” well before I did.  

Fortunately I went to a foot doctor who didn’t believe in operating and he had a set of inserts I wore for years  At some point the problem went away and I could avoid the problem by some stretching exercises.  

Start of another work week.  I am always surprised at how fast the “work week” goes as well as the weekend!  On Monday, the week seems to stretch out ahead, but it goes fast, sometimes too fast. 

Did some “weeding” last night of items we never use.  Actually I thought about all the homeless people I see during my field days,  and decided there wasn’t a lot of reason for me to keep coats I literally haven’t worn for 20 years.  Of course, as soon as I give them away, I’ll probably find a reason to wear them, although in this case I really doubt it.

Much as I complain about winter here, the weather isn’t really that bad.  Not that i would’t prefer to be in much warmer weather, but the reality is it simply doesn’t get that cold her for me to wear a heavy coat.  

Even with what I gave away, I have more than enough coats etc. for any reasonable expectation of what I will need!  Even if I travel to somewhere cold, I can only pack so many clothes, unless I take our car.  And if I”m going somewhere cold, I”m not driving the car anyway to avoid getting caught in a snow or ice storm!

That’s it for now, Monday, March 18, 2019.

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