2019 Winter March 19 Tuesday

49 degrees this morning, humidity 52%

Almost a spring like day yesterday, I hope this trend continues!

Exercise yesterday:

-Walk 21:20 minutes, pace was 22 seconds slower than goal

=Swim 16:45 minutes

In regard to exercise on an inside track versus an outside street or track, I discovered that the general belief is that walking inside is slower than walking outside, although they can make “fast tracks” that are made of a material which is faster.  I’ll have to do some more research on it.

Although it  was a little chilly yesterday, the sun was out and it was very nice.  Spring is only two days away (actually one day away).  

The Bradford Pears (or similar) started blooming seriously yesterday.  That usually means there is at least one  more hard freeze!  

As I have mentioned before, I belong and attend a Toastmasters Club meeting.  As a plug for them, it is really an excellent organization.  I have been a member for years and feel it has really helped my speaking ability etc.

I have noticed how the stage of my life affects my choice of speeches.  Toastmasters has a series of “manuals” that have speeches with specific goals etc.  Each series of manual leads to an “achievement level”,  

Much as I have noted a change in my reading as I grow older, I also have noted that some manuals seem meaningless to me now, due to my stage in life.  

Fortunately there are a wide variety of manuals, just like there are a wide variety of books etc!

I have been trying to eliminate the little “recurring” charges that companies love to institute, hoping you will forget about them.  I think they ought to be required to legally notify you of such charges.

I remember years ago, my first contact with a magazine that tried to say I “couldn’t cancel” a magazine.  I think that is one reason I quit subscribing to magazines, was he “automatic renewal” that was almost impossible to cancel.  

What made me think of this was I heard an ad for the razor “Harry’s”.  I thought it would be nice to have something to toss in my exercise bag when I wanted to shave after my workout  

I was shocked to find I couldn’t buy it unless I agreed to a “re-supply” program where I paid a certain amount per month.  I felt like the ad was deceptive and so of course I didn’t buy the “special”.  I decided I’ll never buy a “Harry’s” razor due to their deceptive tactics.

That’s it for now, Tuesday,  March 19, 2019.

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