2019 Winter March 20 Wednesday

47 degrees this morning, humidity 90%

Rain last night, probably a light rain.  

Exercise yesterday:

-Walk:  21:31 minutes, pace was 33 seconds slower than my goal

-Swim:  16:13 minutes 

I have about decided that walking and swimming (and some setups and light weights) are about as far as I want to go in exercising.  I think I will continue some of the “bands” and of course biking whenever I can.

My main problem is my coughing when I exert myself, which I can remember happening even in high school.  I’m not talking about mild exertion, but active exertion, slough I think it has gotten worse as the years accumulate!  

This will be the last time I write “Winter 2019” (unless I forget!), as Spring starts at 5:58 p..m.  today!  I’ll be waiting!

While the last day of Winter will apparently be warmer than the first day of Spring, at least Spring will be here with the promise of warm weather.

I did notice the first “crocus” yesterday (many of them) and the Bradford Pears are blooming.  Of course that means there will be one more hard freeze!  

I also noticed a lot of green plants coming up etc, all signs of the warm weather coming!

“Forever Home”.  I don’t recall haring the term before, but I heard it twice Saturday!  Sometimes it is like I suddenly have a phrase or term rise to my conscious and then I hear it all the time.  But I did hear it twice and it sticks in my mind.

I like the concept of the “Forever Home”, I think.  It does have a sense of finality to it, but it also is a comforting concept also.  

I have always lived thinking that there was always something “better” in the future. In fact, I had to change my thinking in my 40’s, since I realized I wasn’t living my life, always thinking in the future and not in the present.  

It wasn’t all that hard to start living in the present, somewhat a senes of relief and certainly it made life more enjoyable!  

The “Forever Home” concept kind of says (to me) that “that is that” and and I believe it is impossible to foresee that your needs will be in the future.

On the other hand, the “Forever Home” concept provides  a sense of comfort, especially if you like your home.  

Maybe a compromise is required, it is your “Forever Home” until it isn’t! 

That’s it for now, Wednesday, March 20, 2019. 

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