2019 Spring! March 21 Thursday

43 degrees this morning, 59% humidity 

Relatively nice day yesterday, a little cool, but sunny and exercise yesterday:

-Walk 20:31 minutes, pace was 30 seconds below my goal

-Swim, 16:15 minutes 

Apparently walking on an inside track is slower, since my average “pace” is below what my “outside” walking pace was.  

I am trying to find aa good balance between walking and swimming.  I only have a certain amount of time.  

It feels good to note that Spring of 2019 is here!  As I mentioned yesterday, the flowers are starting to appear and the plants are starting to “green up”.  I really love Spring, although I like then heat of Summer a lot better!

Now, is the long wait until truly warm weather arrives, normally in mid-May.  Until then it is kind of hit and miss. 

Going to be an “office day” today.  I changed my schedule a little, so I ‘m basically in the field one day and in the office the next.  I will have Friday and Monday field days, but that isn’t the same as the previous Wednesday, Thursday field days.  I”ll see how i works.  

I discussed the “forever home” yesterday.  I remember when I was a teenager, i would hear people who spent a lot of money on a  “forever” car, (although they didn’t use that term) justifying an expensive car on the basis they would “have it for a long time”.

Of course, usually they kept it the normal amount of time.  I think you have to justify a purchase on the fact you are going to enjoy it now, and you are buying it because you want to enjoy it in the present.

As I have discussed here, we really enjoy our house, but it is difficult to find qualified contractors if work is needed.  

We have looked at “maintenance free” rentals for 55 and over.  The big trade-off is in space, and we dread having to “down-size” to fit into the smaller units! 

I have always enjoyed “fiddle” and violin music.  My Mom told me once even when I was a baby I was enchanted by violin and fiddle music.

Many years ago, I went to a “fiddle” concert where I saw an excellent fiddle player, which encouraged me to try to learn to play the fiddle.  I was never that good, but I did try for 10 years! 

When I quit playing, it was time to quit playing, but I am glad I tried.

I thought of this, since the fiddle player I saw years ago is playing in a benefit with other fiddle players.  A fiddle shop burned in a nearby town and this is a benefit for the owner and employees.  I am looking forward to it!

That’s it for now, Thursday, March 21, 2019.

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