2019 Spring March 22 Friday

43 degrees this morning.  Humidity 64%

Exercise yesterday:

-Walk 25:42 minutes, pace was 45 seconds slower than goal

-Swim:  13 minutes 

One of the aspects of swimming I don’t like is crowded swimming pools.  The pool I swim in now using has a lane available,  it has 4 “lanes” for lap swimming and an exercise pool.  

If the “lap pool” is full, I can always swim in the exercise pool.  While I prefer the “lap” pool, the exercise pool is better than nothing.  (The exercise pool is about the size of a large hotel pool, so it isn’t that bad.)

Usually there is plenty of room in the “lap pool”, although there are days like yesterday when it was full. 

I don’t care to swim “2 to a lap” (sharing a lap lane) because, while I enjoy swimming, I am not a good swimmer and only really have  only two “swimming” styles.  

I have thought about taking swimming lessons, and may well do so since I have a pool I can swim in on a regular basis.  I always think if I take lessons, I may quit enjoying swimming!  

One of the aspects of swimming I like is the somewhat peaceful nature of how I swim.  Of course, if I took swimming lessons and didn’t like the new strokes, I could always just go back.  Otherwise, I don’t know what I”m missing out on!  

I like swimming in the indoor pool, but  there is nothing like swimming outside on a warm Summer day!  

Enjoyed the first full day of Spring!  While I was in an “office day”, it was nice knowing it was a nice day, if a little cool.  

I am just about to finish listening to the book “Leadership” by Doris Kearns Goodwin that I listen to during my walk.

It is a fascinating book, I wish I had listened to it years ago.  (Of course I couldn’t since it wasn’t written until a year or so ago!)

It is based on four Presidents, Lincoln, the Roosevelts and Lyndon Johnson.  Of course, she knew and worked for Johnson, so that was interesting.  

I see the incompetent, lying, juvenile, coward lunatic  squealing lies and vicious lying personal attacks and wonder how in the world such a scummy incompetent got elected and wonder how anyone can support a liar who makes obviously lying juvenile personal attacks on people.

That’s it for now, Friday, March 22, 2019.

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