2019 Spring March 23 Saturday

55 degrees this morning, 66% humidity, raining 

Yesterday was a wonderful Spring day.  Still a little nippy, but the sun was shining and there was little wind, if any.  A  wonderful day to have a field day and be outside!

Exercise yesterday, 

-Walk 22:52 minutes, pace 36 seconds slower than goal

-Swim:  13 minutes 

First Spring Weekend!  Of course, it is starting out rainy, windy and coolish!  

Even then, it gives me pause to write “March  23, 2019” and wonder where the year is going.   Time just seems to speed by!

The saga of the extremely poor delivery of the newspapers continues, indeed it has gotten worse.  I think this week it has been completely missed three times.  The Wall Street Journal was delivered 2 times, and the local “big city” paper was delivered only after I called three days in a row and reported it as missing.

I kind of wonder if it isn’t a plot to force you to read the “on-line” paper, which I’m sure has a huge profit margin.  That is exactly why I will cancel the paper and not get the on-line subscription.  

It may be time to make a drastic change and quit paying any attention to newspapers, whether on-line or on paper.  

Actually, I really like some national papers “on-line”, but I still don’t remember to read them and there are plenty of free alternatives.

On the other hand, when I see the media spread the lies and vicious attacks of the lying coated lunatic and his incompetence and juvenile actions destroying the country, I think it is time to quit paying any attention to any news media!  

For some reason they open a huge amount of time on his loathsome, jealous attacks on a dead man, his interference with the marriage of one of his employees etc.  The  lying coward lunatic and his squealing lies needs to be ignored.  

I read where the news media spent more time covering his juvenile lying scummy vicious attacks than they did all of the flooding etc.  

Of course, the flooding was in Nebraska, which is probably a reason also, unfortunately.

Of course that happens with sports also.  While I don’t have anything against sports, I watch in disbelief as 3 or 4 or more “anchors” spend hours dissecting the smallest thing about a game!  

Newspapers are just as bad, the local newspapers has 90% of it’s  “sports” section on the local NBA team, like no other teams existed! 

Fortunately I don’t have to listen to it (I just warp speed through it) or  read it!

That’s it for now,  Saturday, March 23, 2019

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