2019 Spring March 24 Sunday

56 degrees this morning, humidity 96% 

Yesterday started with rain, than sun, than rain, than sun, and then a thunderstorm with rain and hail!  In other words a typical day in this area!  

Actually got up to 72 degrees at one point!  When I got up it was 60 degrees, by the time it was time to go exercise it was 50 degrees! 

After complaining about the newspapers not coming, yesterday they both were actually here, I don’t know what time because I have quit bothering to watch for them.  I think they think it is “on-time” at 7 am., when it is too late for me to even think of reading the newspapers.  5 a.m. was ok, but I consider “on time” to be 3:30 am. like the service I got in Lakeland!  

The early morning is truly “hypertime” when time seems to speed up to double, or even triple or more the regular time!  There is never enough time in the morning!

“Time” is probably an abstraction all by itself.  You either have none, or a lot depending on what is going on!  

It has been years since I have been “bored”, in fact I can’t remember the last time I was  “bored”.  Even if I am in a boring meeting or whatever, I can always occupy myself with my thoughts!  

I can remember when I switched careers, I thought I could have a lot of time, which didn’t prove right at all.  Even when I was between jobs, I was busy and never got bored.  

I don’t know how I can work fewer hours, yet have less time, but that seems to be what has happened.  

I always remind myself I can choose how to spend my time, within reason. A long time ago, I realized that time has to have some “balance” to it, but it still seems like there is never enough time!

Picked up our AAA baseball tickets last week for this summer.   Baseball being my favorite sport is perhaps the ultimate irony in my worrying about “time”. (Actually there are a number of sports I like, but baseball is the only one we actually personally attend on a normal basis.)

However, one thing I like about baseball is the game is literally played without regard to time (sometimes to it’s determent!), but it is so relaxing to sit and watch, especially when you are attending the game on a nice day or evening.  

The “Opening Night” is in early April.  We actually have tickets for the “Opening Night” this year.  Both looking forward to it and dreading the cold weather, since in April and early May it is still relatively cold many evenings.  While we can watch it from inside it isn’t near as much fun. 

That’s it for now Sunday, March 24, 2019. 

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