2091 Spring March 25 Monday

50 degrees this morning, 81% humidity.

Exercise yesterday:

-walk 27:14 minutes, pace was 42 seconds slower than goal.

-Swim 13 minutes

Another weekend is over, start of another work week.  Last week of March already!

One ritual we have had since we got married is we clean our rings every six months, during March and September.  Basically they are cleaned and inspected.  Actually the wedding rings are inspected, all the rings we want are cleaned.  

It seems that March arrives and we begin planning getting our rings cleaned and inspected.  I always look forward to it, not only because it is kind of a ritual or anniversary I enjoy, but also it means Spring is almost here!  

This is one year that I don’t have to worry about rushing to get my income tax in.  This was one of those rare years when I didn’t have to pay money, so it got sent in early!

I have to admit it is astounding to me that we pay more income tax than a business does (percentage wide) and it is even a lot more because the business can deduct all of their expenses, interest, salaries, etc. while I get to deduct nothing.

Another ritual that I don’t care for as much is the annual check-up (more or less).  It involves review of blood tests etc.  I am always a little on pins and needles until I see the results of the blood tests and Doctor visit.  

Of course, what is, is, and if there is something wrong, I need to know so I can do something about it, but it still doesn’t change the way I feel about it

My MacBook Air battery is starting to suddenly go down, although it is enough I can usually get done what I need to get done, but the battery life isn’t anything like it was in the past..

The computer is approaching six years old (in AugustI), so it is also starting to show signs of it’s age.  There are some programs that it runs hot on and i eventually have to shut it down, but, at least yet, they aren’t essential programs.  

I used to update my computers every three years to keep in the  Apple program  where I could go in and work on programs etc.  However, Apple stopped it, so I now run my computers as long as I can, in this case almost double what I used to do.

I am surprised at how long some of the devices last.  As I have noted, my “original iPod”, which is 12 years still runs good on it’s battery, as do all of my old iPhones and my original iPad.  Of course, that doesn’t make them any faster!

Kine of like life, I may still run, but I’m not getting faster.  Hopefully I can keep my software and firmware updated so it isn’t obsolete!

That’s it for now, Monday, March 25, 2019.

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