2019 Spring March 26 Tuesday

41 degrees this morning, 100 % Humidity

Weather is just on the subpar side, too cool for Spring1  The sun not shining has a lot to do with the overall perception!

I read something yesterday about why we feel like we never have time. I didn’t have tome  to read it in detail, so I’ll have to go back to read it in more detail.  

i got two threads of thought out of the article.  One was that “control” of time is a factor. I actually have a lot less control over my time during the day than I used too.  I can feel it almost every day and it does bother me.  

Fortunately I still have substantial control over my activities, which helps a little. 

I think even though I used to work a lot more hours, I expect I felt I had a lot more control over what I did. 

Another factor was how “meaningful” you felt what you are doing is.  Actually I think everything I do is somewhat meaningful.

I think that is one reason I don’t like having to call about a defective product, or about a problem, I lose control off that time.  

I’ll have to research this some more, it has some interesting concepts.  

A report on the electric razor.  I have kind of come to terms with the fact I will use the electric razor on some days and the old blade system of shaving on others.

The electric razor basically does a good job, except that over a period of several days of continued use, it seems to lose it effectiveness and I have to use the regular razor one day.   That may be just my perception, but my perception is a lot of reality in this matter1   

I gave a speech on “digital assistants” (Amazon Echo or Google Home).  They truly are awesome devices and keep  getting better! 

Of course if I think about it, it is one more way we depend on electricity, the internet etc.  I read the books about how fragile our electric distribution  system is and how it is so easy to hack into even the most important and secure system.

I just read a book where hackers took over the operation of ams, electric systems, flights etc. that created world wide chaos.  

Actually, I don’t sit around worrying about it, I’m not really in a position of doing anything to prevent it.  Although I don’t like the concept of dealing without electricity etc., I”m not going to sit around and worry about it either

That’s it for now, Tuesday, March 26,2019.   

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