2019 Spring March 27 Wednesday

53 degrees this morning, humidity 62%.

Yesterday was beautiful weather temperature in mild 60’s, with no wind and sunny.  Of course it was an “office day” for me so I was stuck inside!

Exercise yesterday:

-21:34 Minute walk

Swim:  14 minutes

Pace was 34 seconds slower than my goal. 

Hopefully today, Thursday and Friday will be beautiful weather.  It looks like this weekend will include freezing temperatures.  As I said about Bradford Pears.  They tend to get frozen!

Basketball season is at it’s height now.  I think the only “our team” that is left is Wichita State University (where I got my M.A.) in the NIT.  I have maintained warm feelings for Wichita State University.  

I follow them in sports and campus developments, although I have only returned to the campus one time and don’t belong to the alumni association.

When we stopped by several years ago, I wasn’t surprised I didn’t recognize the campus when I counted out the years since I graduated!  However, I was pleased with the progress the University has made considering the lack of support by the Governor and Legislature for education.  

Wichita State University was making a big play to have a competitive football team when I attended, but they quit trying several years later and dropped football.  

Looking back, i had a part time job there that kind of was the basis for some future jobs. I worked for the “Polk City Directory”, which involved going to people’s houses and documenting their names, family profile etc.  

I actually enjoyed it and never had any problems even though I was in parts of town that weren’t exactly touted by the Chamber of Commerce.  

A few years later, when I was in my “career job” with a City, I was put in charge of collecting back utility bills, including personal house visits. Again I basically enjoyed it and was actually reasonably successful at it.

Looking forward to good weather today, although I understand the wind will be a little higher.  I have a “field day”, so I will be outside most of the day and will appreciate  good weather!

Wednesday already, eh middle of the week is here and soon the weekend will be here!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

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