2019 Spring March 29 Friday

63 degrees this morning, humidity 70%, wind 10 mph.

Fitness Center yesterday 

-Walk 22:55 minutes, 16:40 pace, 1:37 miles, 97 bpm

-Swim 14 minutes

Reasonably good weather yesterday, some wind and rather cool, but overall nice. 

As part of my speech exercises, I have been trying to read the “Cliff Notes” of books I either didn’t read, don’t remember reading and/or wished I had read.  

I guess there is some realization that at this point in my life I am unlikely to read many of them, although who knows what I may do when I retire (at least partially) and have time to read.  

I am currently reading the notes on Theodore Dreiser and “Sister Carrie”.  When I started reading the notes, I realized I had never read the book, so it has been interesting.  

Actually, I am more likely to enjoy reading the actual books if I read the “notes” before I read the book, at least for some books.  

Of course, I have to decide if a book is a “forever book”, which will always have some meaning in contemporary society, or at least in the current time, considering that the books range from several hundred yeas old to recent publications.  

Anyway, a quote from “Sister Carrie” jumped out at me, “Nothing much happens, so time passes quickly”

I think I would have to disagree with that, yet also I can see the point.  It seems that “if a lot happens”, time passes fast, but also I can kind of understand how “if nothing happens” time passes fast.  Intuitively to me, if “nothing happens” time would pass slow, but I can see how time would also pass fast if nothing happened! 

I believe the concept of “time” has risen to my conscious mind, since the quote seemed to jump out at me.  

Probably a result of what i read about treating the weekend “like a vacation”, rather than simply several days off!

I think the key is in the perception again.  As I have heard many times,  “perception is reality”  (at least up to a point).  

I know I have a strange perception of time.  When I have a lot of “free time”, sometimes I am so aware of the alternatives of how I could use the time, I don’t get anything done!  

It doesn’t happen so much any more but when I worked a lot more hours and basically only had Holidays as “free time”, sometimes I had so many activities planned, I didn’t get anything done!

Supposed to be nice today, very cold (possibly freezing) this weekend.  

That’s it for now, Friday, March 29, 2019

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