2019 Spring March 30 Saturday

42 degrees this morning, rain, humidity 93%, wind 15 mph

That (the temperature etc), about says it all!  Miserable weather out there!  Still not as bad as they forecast, freezing temperature, although that could be later!

Glad the weekend is here, it seems like it was just Monday and now it is Saturday morning.  

Had what I used to call my “annual physical” this week. Always a relief to have it over and find that overall I am relatively healthy.  

Baseball started last week, which is always good, kind of like seeing the first crocus or the first Robin, it means Spring is coming, even if it may be a few months before hot weather arrives!

While I love summer, the actual “Summer Day” of June 20 or 21 is always a little sad, because it means Summer has started, but it also means the longest day of the year is over and the days are going to get shorter and end of Summer is beginning.  

We have been getting a lot of “scam” calls about fixing our roof after the hail storm.  As far as I can tell, the roof is fine.  

The callers are very aggressive and Aliene had to tell one of them we will all the police if they come on our property.  She has gotten very good at handling scam calls of all types!  

Of course, since I know absolutely nothing about roofs, I have no idea if the roof is damaged or not, which is what they play on.  Probably we will call the insurance company and see if they have someone they recommend to just look at it to be sure.

Of course, I need to make sure the insurance company doesn’t consider me just calling a “claim”, another scam in itself!  

Saw a bunch of deer near our house the other morning when I was coming back from exercise, we don’t see deer that close here (thank goodness).  Now if only the snakes etc. stay away also.

Had a pneumonia shot the other day, which is probably good, but it sure made my arm stiff and sore.  It is getting better, but I didn’t expect it.  

I decided to get the shot after the Doctor told me about a 39 year old who died from a specialized type of pneumonia!  He wasn’t trying to scare me (I don’t think), just kind of warn me that someone who has a type of asthma probably needs to be careful. 

We are probably getting spoiled with our health care costs.  I have my work insurance, which is excellent and then medicare, so, while we still have health care expenses, it certainly could be a lot worse and will be after I retire. 

Saturday morning on a weekend, the weekend seems like it is just starting and stretches in front of me.  Of course, it will go fast as usual and suddenly Monday will be here!  

I read that, to prepare for retirement, you should take several weeks of vacation and just act like normal life (don’t take and trips etc.) and see how you like it.  

Not a bad idea, except that, as I have discussed before, the perception is still that it is for several weeks, not for the foreseeable future!  

I plan on doing something else after I retire, something, just not sure what yet.  I don’t want to do anything I consider “work”, with the notation that I don’t consider “work”, work even now!  

It is too bad that “work” has been imbued with a negative perception, since I have never considered my job “work”, it was and is just what I do. 

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 30, 2019.

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