2019 Spring March 31 Sunday

30 degrees this morning, fells like 24 degrees, 79% humidity 

Promises to be a miserable day today!  At least the wind isn’t high, at least right now.

Last day of March, 2019, hopefully the last day of weather like this.  Actually supposed to warm up some, but will generally be chilly tomorrow, although not quite this cold.

Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of t-shirts, generally either event, product or similar t-shirts.  This means many of them have some sort of memory associated with them, either good or bad.  Mostly good, fortunately!  

I always assumed a t-shirt would last a few years and then would start developing holes or tears etc or just wear out.  

Surprise, of course, I think I have about 3 shirts that are unwearable, although many have sagging collars etc. that I would’t wear out of the house.  Many of the t-shirts are 25-30 years old, (or more), so they have been around for while!

So of course I have developed a number of t-shirts that I wear around the house, some that I wear outside and others that are somewhere in the middle.

I have a number of t-shirts I don’t wear because I am (in my subconscious mind) “saving” them for wearing “whenever”  (at some vague future time).  This is the type of thinking I try to avoid, it is probably the reason for 80% (or whatever, but a bunch) of the “stuff” in my life!

Kind of like old letters, school items etc., I always think that “someday” I will review them and organize them, for whatever purpose I’m not sure.  

Or, more likely, I will frantically dispose of them some day when we are moving  etc., although I will try to avoid that.  

Back to the t-shirts, I have decided it is time to make good on my promise and start to “weed” out t-shirts and have them made into a quilt and start wearing the t-shirts I haven’t worn for years, some I have never worn.

There will be a little preparation, I will take pictures of the t-shirts for the record, and then kind of plan the quilt.

Of course, the problem is, I wanted the quilt to have a theme, even “event’s”, “early to later”, some type of theme.  However, I have about decided it will be a “quilt with a theme that these t-shirts are ready to go!”.  

There are some t-shirts that I’m not ready to give up, others I may not even want in the quilt for whatever reason.

Anyway, I have about decided to forget about any type of theme etc.  My next step is to choose the shirts I want to go into the quilt, take pictures and do it!  One action I also need to take is to confirm how many t-shirts it takes for a certain size of quilt so I can have a goad on how many t-shirts I can “weed”.

It may not be a major reduction in “space”, but they do take up more room that you think they would.  At least it is a start!

Thats’s it for now, Sunday, March 31, 2019.

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