2019 Spring April 1 Monday

37 degrees this morning, humidity 63%

While the temperature isn’t good, yesterday was actually nicer than Saturday due to the lack of wind and the sun was shining!

Exercise yesterday

Walk:  21:54 minutes 

Swim:  13:15 minutes 

Pace was 30  seconds slower than my goal.

Hopefully this will be the last “cold” weather of the season and it will warm up.  Unfortunately it isn’t really “warm” until at least mid-May, but at least we are getting there and there will be warm/hot days!

Went to a “benefit” last night that included a lot of my favorite instrument, the fiddle.  It was nice to hear good fiddle music. 

April 1, “April Foods Day”.  Like St. Patricks Day (wear green or get pinched), I don’t recognize “prank” or “jokes’ as legitimate forms of “fun”. Actually I think pranks and “practical jokes” (whatever is “practical” about a joke, I don’t knowI) are a form of bullying and should be treated as such.  

I think a major problem with pranks etc. is they tend to get out of hand and can end up being vicious attacks disguised as a “prank” or “joke”.  

Anyway, I don’t really care for April 1, although fortunately I don’t see many “April Fool” “jokes” anymore.  

I don’t like the “April Fool” jokes on radio, tv or newspaper, I just think they are really vicious actions that show contempt for the audience. 

Finally getting around to “downloading” the latest “update” to my iPhone so I can do the latest “update” on my watch.   

It seems they could find a better way of “updating” electronic devices. Sometimes I think it is actually a form of control, an action to let you know that you really  aren’t “in charge”.

Yesterday morning, I had a moment of unease, when the cable tv, wifi and phone all went out.  The cable company said there had been an “outage”.  

Every time they say here is an “outage”, they say I will get a text message when the outage is over.  I never get a text message to that effect, never.

Every time that (an “outage” happens, I get the uneasy feeling that “this time” is “the one”, the time when they can’t fix it, or it will be out for a long period.  Kind of like getting sick and wondering if you really “getting well” or not.

Such are early morning thoughts!

That’s it for now, Monday, April 1, 2019.

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