2019 Spring April 2 Tuesday

46  Degrees this morning, 56% humidity

Warmer weather is coming, although tonight there is predictions of bad weather .

April 2, 2019 makes 4 years and 10 months since we moved to this area.  It makes 4 years and 8 months in my job.

I don’t  know at what point the “new” becomes normal, but certainly both our new area and my job have become what our lives are now.  

At some point, I assume I will stop referring to “months” and just refer to the “years”.  

I can’t say we are where we expected to be when we moved here 4 years and 10 months ago if we could have foreseen the future. However,  I don’t think we would have been surprised with our life if we could have foreseen it 5 years ago.

I probably would have been very surprised if I could have foreseen my job.  Surprised that I enjoy it so much, surprised at some other things.

It is strange that I thought the wind was much more prevalent here than it actually is.  (I may wish I hadn’t said that, in case I jinx it)

The biggest changes recently have been my exercising outside.  Due to “exercise induced” asthma and adverse reaction  (extreme coughing) to cold weather (sometimes even cold drinks) I have had to substantially  curtail outside exercise due to the reaction.   I miss it, but at least I get to swim!

I do plan on gradually introducing outside exercise (especially bicycling) and hope I can resume some outside exercise soon!

A lot of dreams recently  not many I remember in detail except for little scenes.  I had one yesterday where I couldn’t find my wallet.  

Actually that wasn’t an unusual occurrence, until I realized years ago, I needed to have a “home” where I ALWAYS put my wallet, keys, glasses etc.  It works.  

Actually if I could do that for everything, life would be a lot simpler. The problem is finding a “home” for everything that I remember where the “home” is. 

I remember the first time I visited a federal government office (this was before computerized applications etc) and saw the mountains of file cabinets and files.  I remember thinking, wow, they can find anything!  Well, not quite, they lost a lot of stuff.  

Actually I am a little puzzled remembering this, since we had computers when I was in the Air Force and this was years later.  Probably has to do with the paper applications etc. and lack of computer memory.

I have found any large (or small) organization can “lose” documents, and it continues to happen even in today’s computerized world. 

The best example of “losing” something I can think of is the Library.  Put a book back in the wrong place, it may be gone for years until someone accidentally finds it!!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

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