2019 Spring April 3 Wednesday

57 degrees this morning,, humidity 49%, wind 16 mph

Exercise yesterday:


Walk 25:35 minutes, pace was 31 seconds slower than when I started.

Swim:  14 minutes

I am getting used to walking inside, and certainly love eh swimming opportunity.  

Tonight was the city election in the city we live in, the Mayor and two council positions.

I am in that stage where I don’t want to see the results, I am happy living in a land of denial.  I’ll know soon enough anyway.

Probably the Council Member we are supporting won’t win, but we are still glad we supported her.  

As usual, I expect a small group of people will elect the persons who have greatest impact on where we live.  

That is one thing I don’t like about smart phones, 24 hour tv, instant news headlines.  We lose the sense of anticipation, of waiting for something.  

As i have mentioned before, we watch almost nothing “live”.  We watch all programs on a “delayed” basis, meaning we are susceptible to the sudden headlines, etc. providing the names of the scores.

We have been rudely advised of scores of games we wanted to watch when the score suddenly popped up, but it really doesn’t happen that often.

We would much rather be “rudely advised” of scores than have to listen to the “talking heads” talk etc. and advertisements.  We actually don’t mind the ads so much as the “analysis” of sports action, which is basically meaningless to us and a waste of time.  

In fact, not only a waste of time, but an insult to our intelligence!  

Anyway, I know i will eventually learn the election results, but I like the sense that our candidate still has the change to win until I see the election results.

In this case if was just the other candidate having a tremendous amount of money and he spent it on color brochures, advertising, signs etc., even an outfit from Chicago spending thousands of dollars  supposedly “without the knowledge or coordination with the candidate”.  Ha!  Tell me another lie!  

When an organization from Chicago starts spending thousands of dollars in a little town of 100,000 in this state, you can see something fishy right away!  

Probably the worst Supreme Court decision in years was allowing unlimited, secret contributions to candidates.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, April 4, 2019.

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