2019 Spring April 4 Thursday

53 degrees this morning, 96% humidity 

Thunderstorms during the night, with some rain.  Don’t believe it was as bad as predicted.

Looking at the radar, there may be more storms coming in, but most of it is to the south of us.  

The week seems to be a “long” week, in the sense that it seems to just drag on.  It isn’t one day, they go fast, it just seems like the week itself is crawling, if that makes any sense.

I’m not really anticipating anything, which can make a week go by slowly.  Maybe I am anticipating the “Opening Day” of the local AAA baseball team.  We have never had tickets to “Opening Day” before, and we expect to enjoy it, even if we leave early due to the cold weather or have to watch it from inside!  

One thing I like about actually personally attending baseball games is the opportunity to sit outside, at least when the weather is nice or especially when it is hot.  (As long as I’m not in the sun!)

Unfortunately, it won’t be all that nice until mid-May, but we’ll deal with it. One good thing is we can exchange out tickets, even tickets for past ballgames.  We make a point of never “losing” a ticket and paying for a ballgame we don’t attend!

Recently had a dream that I wrote down.  As usual, I have no idea what it means, but I try to write down my dreams when I remember, so I can see if there is a trend.

Dream Wednesday March 27, 2019

Dream traveling through a city we used to live in.  

Noticed a new housing development, and visited. it on a whim. 

The Buildings were like big apartments,  some were actually false fronts.  

There was a lot of construction going on.

We went into one of the units, looking for some type of greeting card.  We didn’t see anyone else, but we found some greeting cards (I’m not sure what we thought about not buying them!)  

The building was like one extremely large living area, with walls between each unit, but no separate front.  This didn’t seem unusual to us, (in the dreamI) or that we were rummaging around in other persons property. 

We walked out and met a couple coming in.  They seemed familiar (in real life) but I don’t know who they were.

We walked down a street with heavy construction on it.  For some reason I was carrying the greeting  cards and a stuffed rabbit.  

Even though there was a lot of construction going on, I saw only the equipment working and didn’t see any individuals.

I woke up.

That’s it for now, Thursday, April 4, 2019

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