2019 Spring April 5 Friday

53 degrees this morning, 95% humidity 

Heavy rain yesterday morning. We were driving in it, for a while I thought it may start hailing but it didn’t.

It was one of those heavy rains with gusts of really heavy rain.  The type I hate to drive in!

Fortunately it stopped raining, the sun came out and it was a reasonably nice day.  

Went to the first AAA ball game of the season, it was good to get out and see the game again.  They lost, but that isn’t really the reason we go to the AAA ball games.  We hope they win, but it they don’t, well….  

Friday, this has seemed like a long week, (as I believe I mentioned yesterday)!  Maybe there was no reason, maybe it just was a long week!  

I have decided to hold on to my “old” iPhone until the new ones come out next Fall.  It will be 5 years old next Fall, which means it is about 5 generations old.  In “human years”, I think it would be about 100 years old.  Time to retire!

I am hoping the battery and everything else stays operating, although I haven’t had one fail yet.   Even my original iPhone 3, My original iPad and the iPod  and IPod shuffles just have good batteries, although I rarely use them since they  are basically obsolete for most uses, although I still use them for music , etc.  

The battery on the MacBook Air is starting to show signs of weakness, but it is just the battery doesn’t last near as long.  It charges up fine, just doesn’t last as long.

I have noticed the MacBook Air (which will be five years old this August, or maybe six years old) is starting to run “hot” on some programs and is having some problems running some problems.  It does fine for almost everyone I need it for.  

I am considering getting a new one, based on what I can get a new one for if I trade this one in, get the Veterans discount and consider the cost of he replacement battery, it isn’t too bad.  

I think one consideration is I really want a touchscreen, but I’m not ready to give up on Apple, so I hope they relent and come out with a touch screen.  Probably the fact they don’t is one of the things I don’t like about Apple, a certain self-righteousness that doesn’t really make any business or other sense.  

Watching a copy of the last Formula 1 race.  I can never understand how they can race in different countries every few weeks, including some relatively undeveloped countries.

Looking forward to the weekend.  As I have noted previously, I will try to think of it as a “vacation” and not just time off! 

That’s it for now, Friday, April 5, 2019.


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