2019 Spring April 6 Saturday

60 degrees this morning, humidity 78%

High chances of rain today, which kind of comes with Spring.

I noted this morning I have “published 2,392 “posts” over the past few years, at least in “Blogger”.  

I actually started writing a journal in approximately 1986.  At first it was just a written journal, then on the computer disks and then on the internet in about 2004. 

Obviously what I used to write in private is different from my posts, although probably not a lot different.  

I don’t know the reason I started it, probably just because it sounded like a good idea and I can remember wanting to keep a journal when I was a child. 

Perhaps the reason is so I can remember my “journey” if I want to check, perhaps it is to document passing time and document the events and activities.

Of course, I don’t recall even one time when I went back and reviewed my posts!  So much for “learning from history!”.  

For some reason my parents saved all my letters over the years.  I have saved them all these years.  The other day I tried to look at some of them, to decide if I wanted to read them or just toss them, or just leave them for history.  After reading a few letters, I decided it wasn’t a job I wanted to tackle right now.  Maybe after I retire.  

I always remember a gimmick I got years ago, it as “a round ‘tuit’ literally a round wooden item with “tuit” on it.  (A “round tuit”!).  

Over the years, I have laughed about it, but it has a lot of truth to it, that a lot of  life is getting “a round tuit” and getting things done!  

I figure I can sort through stuff now at my leisure or do it under stress of time when (and if) we move!  

This time of year, with the sudden changes in temperature and rain etc, are always difficult since it is easy to catch a cold etc.

This will be the first time i a long time that I have been exercising indoors rather than outdoors.  In fact, try the first time in my life!  It seems I haven’t been coughing as much since I started walking inside, but I won’t know until I have gone through a cycle. 

I don’t really plan on permanently not walking or bicycling outside, but at least I will know when I start again that if my coughing etc. increases that is probably the reason.  

I switched allergy medicine, which seems to make a difference, but it also may be that I am avoid some trees or plants that cause my allergies.  

I’m not sure if I can go through  the late Spring, Summer and Fall without walking outside and sitting on my beloved patio early in the morning!  Not quite as beloved a patio as at the house in Lakeland,  but something I really enjoy doing! 

Life is a journey of continuing changes and decisions!

That’s it for now, Saturday, April 6, 2019.

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