2019 Spring April 7 Sunday

60 degrees this morning, 90% humidity

Exercise yesterday:

-Bicycle 30 minutes (stationary bike)

-Swim:  14 minutes 

Rain never really came yesterday, it sprinkled once a little but the rain went elsewhere.  Started out cloudy, tuned sunny and a nice day.

Today it is supposed to be in the 70’s, with a small chance of rain in the morning.  

Read about a private prison in this state that basically extorted a high rate (of course with substantial “contributions” to the state legislature who approved the raise) by threatening to shut down the prison  if there extortion wasn’t accepted. 

This was done because the state has become dependent on “private prisons” and doesn’t have any place for it’s prisoners.   

News media has documented that the prison in question has violated it’s contract numerous times and there is a question on why the company was even allowed to continue to operate.  

Just yesterday a “private prison”  has a major riot, probably due to the attempts to increase profit by skimping on prisoner care and security.  

A “private prison” is a contradiction in terms and ought to be illegal.  Private prisons have gotten out of hand, as they give huge contributions to politicians  and actually lobby for stronger laws for longer terms so they can continue to screw the public and make huge profits.  Sick.  

“Mind reading” devices and software are rapidly being developed, according to a story I read yesterday.  

According to the story (which I read in horror), they are trying to develop ways of “reading your mind” and even developing a way of being able to read your “history of thinking”.  

I wonder who pays for this, obviously very expensive, “reseach”, which is aimed at an extreme invasion of privacy? 

It is amazing what can be done even now, 

The same newspaper had a story about “reading” your thoughts by analyzing the stress in your voice etc.

While I understand some good could come from such technology, the lying coward lunatic and his band of cowards and criminals makes such “advancements” terrifying in how such criminals would abuse them for their own purposes.  

I have to admit I thought I would never see any support for a “president”  who is a gross liar, a pervert, a racist and a criminal who is intent on destroying freedom of speech, the freedom of the press etc for his own criminal purposes.  

I read an article yesterday that analyzed his speech and behavior and it is scary that his mind is deteriorating even from what little its was and he has become so emotionally dependent on what he hears extremist nuts say, even taking advice from extremists on tv and radio.

Hopefully the congressional cowards will soon develop a backbone and stop this lunatic from destroying the United States and world.  This nut should never be allowed to impose tariffs or attempt to control the economy. 

It is embarrassing and humiliating to hear the congressional cowards from this state bootlick this nut.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 7, 2019. 

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