2019 Spring April 9 Tuesday

56 degrees this morning 76% humidity.

Wonderful day yesterday!  Temperature was up to 87 degrees, little or no wind!  I could use more days like that!

Field day, so it was an excellent day to be in the field!

Even though none of our favorite teams made it far into the basketball tournaments this year (Both Mens and Women’s), it was interesting to watch as most of the games were close and exciting.

It is always interesting how we start with our favorites and then develop new favorites as the tournament progresses and our original favorites drop out.  Much of the time it isn’t which team we are for as it is which teams we are against!

Anyway, it was a good year for the tournament.  

I think this is the last year of “one and done” players as the rules changed to allow them to play in the major league right out of high school.  Let them play in the pros and make room for a true student-athetic is what I say..  What I don’t like about “one and done” is it steals scholarships  from students who want to actually go to college!

For that matter, it all takes up the room of a  student at the college or university by a student who could probably  care less about studies.

I don’t blame the students,  they are just taking advantage of what is available and they can’t play in the NBA, probably costing them millions of dollars.

When I think of it, that concept belongs to a lot of areas, depending on how you feel about the situation or concept. 

Time marches on, April 15 (tax filing) will soon be here.  This year, due to the “billionaire tax cuts”, we filed early.  

I really resent having to pay more taxes (% wise) that some fat cat billionaire or a business that can deduct everything before they pay taxes while we can’t deduct anything.

Hopefully the new administration in 2020 will make a point of providing true tax cuts for the ordinary citizens instead of the billionaires, donors and lobbyists.  

While I am sure taxes will never be truly fair, at least they can be a lot fairer than they are now and not just billionaires being shoveled tax dollars.  

Hopefully the rest of the week (and Spring and Summer) will be like yesterday, although there are already forecasts of extreme cold weather later this week.

Hopefully not here anyway!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

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