2019 Spring April 10 Wednesday

70 degrees this morning, humidity 47%

Exercise yesterday:  

-Walk 24:21 minutes,

=Swim:  15 minutes 

Pace was about 44 seconds less than my goal.

Wonderful weather yesterday, supposed to be nice today except with a high wind.

And then, it  is supposed to be cold again, which is still much nicer than the snow and blizzard conditions in other areas!      

I keep reading about how plastic water bottles are so bad for the environment etc.  We recycle everyone single one of ours, I even carry the empties around even to recycle them.  

I have a hard time understanding why “plastic water bottles” are continually criticized when there are many times more soft drink bottles in plastic bottles!

It seems they ought to concentrate on recycling plastic and not on trying to ban water in plastic bottles! 

I see it as a way of bullying, especially when there are a lot of consumer uses of plastic bottles than just water.  

In another popular discussion, I recently read a analysis of plastic, paper and cloth grocery sacks.  There is no easy answer as to which is best.  

There appears to be some type of environmental or other costs to each of them.  The article mentioned cloth bags would need to be used something like 139 times to recover the environmental cost of making the bag.

While plastic bags have their environmental  costs, paper bags also have some environmental costs.  

The article basically ended that it was kind of a toss-up between paper, cloth and plastic bags.  

I would feel more comfortable with the article if I knew the background of the article writer, since for all I know it may have been someone who owns a plastic bag factory!  

That is true of a lot of articles, newspapers etc.  There are many tax free “think tanks” etc that only use taxpayer $ to push their extreme views (this state has many of them) and I never bother to read their “research results” since you know the research results are conceived in advance and the “facts” are made to fit the preconceived results. 

That’s it for now, Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

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