2019 Spring April 11 Thursday

54 Degrees this morning,  55% humidity.

April 2019 is already almost 50% through. Before we know it, it will be 2020!

In a way, the year 2020 has kind of an scary sound, Perhaps the sound of  the year “2020”.  Reminds me of “In the Year 2525”, although there is a lot of time difference!  

The sun has been up a lot longer in the evening, I always tend to forget that the actual start of Summer is the start of the end of Summer. 

This is also the time of year where you may as well forget how to change the thermostat so it is comfortable, both in the car and at home.  

If I try to set it on “auto heat and cool” it doesn’t seem to allow a narrow enough “band” that will be comfortable.  I guess it really isn’t that difficult to manually set the thermostat.  When it is 80 today and (forecast) 37 degrees tomorrow, it is hard to keep up!

One thing I really enjoy about his time of year is I can put the “moon roof” down, turn up the music and enjoy it!  

I listen to a variety of music/news during the day. Usually  I listen to CNBC, although there are days where the announcers who are boot lickers are so disgusting I switch to music.  

When I hear some of the bootlicking announcers, I wonder where they come from that they actually think the lying coward lunatic has done anything good except some of them get rich off of his “tax cut for the rich” and not enforcing regulations protecting consumers and citizens.  

The “baby buggy” situation was really illustrative of their thinking and their “follow the money” type of actions.  In spite of killing about 20 babies, they didn’t require a recall to fix a front wheel that collapsed.  It appears the Nazi robot Steve Miller is in charge.

I am amazed the the lying coward lunatic has so many supporters of people who are hurt by his insane actions  after the “billionaires tax cut act” shoveled tax $ to the billionaires,, donors and lobbyists, arbitrarily reducing safety etc. regulations to benefit his billionaire “friends” in the oil gas and coal industry, destroying the country and world with insane comments, tariffs used for political purposes under the guise fo National Security etc!  

I no longer listen to the pig faced lying coward lunatic squealing his lies and vicious lying juvenile taunts and lies.  I switch the channel.  

Anyone who runs around calling himself “tariff man” and squealing lies so bad everyone simply laughs at him is insane and juvenile and shouldn’t be in any type of management position. 

Anyway, as I was saying I look forward to putting my moon roof down and enjoying the warm weather.  

Of course, they are forecasting “single digit” wind chill temperatures, which will be very hard to get used to!

At least I do know that in several weeks, the warm weather will be here for the reminder of the season!

That’s it for now, Thursday, April 11, 2019.

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