2019 Spring April 12 Friday

37 degrees this morning, humidity 67%

Yesterday the temperature dropped from approximately 54 degrees when I got up to 41 degrees when I started work!  So far it hasn’t been that bad although I haven’t been out much today since yesterday was an office day.

Exercise yesterday:

Walk 22:23 minutes,

Swim:  15:30 minutes

My pace was 17 seconds slower than my goal, which I think is the best I have done since I started walking inside.

For some reason walking inside is much slower than walking outside.  It seems it would be the reverse.  

Friday already, the week has gone fast.  I don’t know what the difference is between a “fast week” and a “slow week”, but this has been a “fast week”. 

t sounds strange, but several weeks ago I changed from my schedule so I no longer work two “field days” in a row.).  Somehow it seemed to help the pace of my work, not having two office days in a row.

Two office days in a row, upset my pace, as I didn’t have time to assimilate my work one day, which got me behind on my office day.

There is still the problem of working Friday and Monday (with no time to catch up on paperwork from Friday), but it is easier than two days without any break.  

I have been interested in getting involved locally in some aspect of the community, but they make it difficult.  

For example, I would like to at least attend the “Bicycle Committee” meetings that review the plans for bicycles in the community, including new bike routes activities concerning bicycles etc.  

However they meet at 7:30 a.m. on a Friday morning!  How can you make it any more difficult than meetings at 7:30 a.m. on a Friday morning!  This is even more so since many of the residents commute to work in the central city in the region.

Most meetings are early in the evening etc. so if you are commuting it is difficult to make the meetings (I expect by design!).  

In the past cities where I lived, I saw citizen participation encouraged for the most part, if not in practice, at least in spirit, and I feel like the city tried to encourage participation.

While I really like the city I live in now, they really don’t even attempt to say they encourage citizen participation, in fact they seem to actively discourage it.  

With “big money” involved and winning in the recent City elections, I don’t really see things changing. “Big money” prefers secrecy for obvious reasons.  

That’s it fo now, Friday, April 11, 2019.  

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